Thursday, August 18, 2005

Come up and see me sometime

I haven't yet talked much about my costuming...

Being pregnant and then giving birth (they are in that order, aren't they?) has slowed down my sewing quite a bit. Since the baby is so easygoing, (yes, all my children are perfect in every way) I have the time and the inclination to go at it again.

A couple weeks ago I had been working on a design I liked quite a lot for a fairy costume. Blue fabric, with purple accents and feathers and trim...ah lovely. Lovely until I finished the base dress. It hung all wrong. It was awful. What was funny was that it looked great on my dressmakers dummy until I finished the seams. I've never had that happen before! At least I didn't waste a bunch of expensive trim on it.

So, I'm back at this fairy idea with a different pattern. I noticed that the last three fairy costumes I've sewn were purple and blue. Is this Freudian in some way? What am I avoiding? Should I box up the fairy idea for now and go about making another Carmen Miranda? Will my Carmen Miranda be purple and blue?

Speaking of Carmen Miranda, this reminds me of conversations with fabric store clerks. They inevitably ask you what you are making. I've then had to explain who Carmen Miranda, Mae West and Charlie Chaplin were. I'm not talking about gen x or less clerks either. At least when you talk about a lady with a fruit hat, they get it somewhat. I'm of the opinion that being around too many crafting products lowers IQ points. Don't even get me started on "scrapbooking." Gluesniffers!

I'd also like to draft the pattern for a Wonder Woman costume. The movie is coming! That means moolah in my pocket if I come up with a wearable version. I'm sure the classic Wonder Woman costume will still be popular, even if they change it for the movie. (Unlike Halle Berry's Catwoman, which simply sucked costume wise.) I'm thinking PVC fabric. It also means that I have to lose the last mumblemumble lbs of my pregnancy weight so I can model the thing. I wonder what I'll do for boobs by then?

But then, photo editing software will both give me boobs, and erase my stretchmarks. It can even magically make my costumes not purple and blue.

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  1. "Courting Mae West" - a play set in the 1920s - needs a good costume designer. Too bad you are not in New York.
    Come Up Sometime . . .


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