Sunday, August 21, 2005

I like swimmin with bowlegged wimmin...

I never found baby tubs useful. I was given one when I was expecting my first baby and I used it maybe twice. Why use a baby tub when it's so much fun bringing the baby into the bathtub with you? It's a beautiful bonding experience.

I prepare the bathwater and undress while Justin undresses our new baby boy. When the tub is ready I plunk myself down in the warm water and Justin brings me the baby. Holding Ryan in the soothing water, I wash his hair and body with lavendar baby shampoo. I make sure to wash in all his sweet baby folds and wrinkles. I lather each tiny baby finger and toe, relishing in the perfectness of his new baby skin. Then, after washing, we settle into the water and he nurses until he is sleepy.

This ritual happens every couple days.

Justin brings me the baby. I take his sweet small body in my hands and sit him against my legs while I recline in the tub. Ryan coos and smiles at me and I laugh back at him. Ryan replaces his coos with a deep rumbling and suddenly deposits a large amount of post digested breast milk in my lap...

Bonding OVER.

"Justin!" I scream. He comes running like I'd discovered an extra arm on the baby. I wish I'd had a camera, the look on his face was priceless.

Sometimes there just isn't enough lavendar shampoo to make all things smell sweet. I'm still not buying a baby tub.

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  1. I totally identify, I am big on baby in the bath with mom too. Our trouble usually comes from the other end though!


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