Friday, August 19, 2005

Mama Tetas Juan Valdez

I think I'll blog while I do my Halloween ordering.

Isn't coffee delicious? Life is too short to drink bad coffee, but my frugal tendencies make me want to stretch out the gourmet stuff. Really good coffee can be had if I put one part Maxwell House breakfast blend and one part of the really good gourmet stuff into my reuseable coffee filter. I really recommend a reuseable filter, it allows all the good coffee oils come through into the coffee.

The site I order my Halloween inventory from is lagging. Stinkers. Bandwidth is important. I need fairy wings !

CBS news reports that there is an underground network of women selling their breastmilk for $3 an ounce. I'm putting out over a hundred bucks a day! I googled this breastmilk thing and I find that it's not just babies drinking the stuff, but health nuts and perverts. I'm healthy and disease free, I stay away from the druggies and the drinkies, I keep myself relatively clean...perverts, send me your hard earned sexual gratification dollar! No returns or refunds.

I won't be giving up my coffee. I might pump out a caramel mocha frappuccino flavored milk product but at least the Starbucks and big business won't be getting your coffee dollar!

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