Friday, August 26, 2005

Matt Damon, Heath Ledger and Cuba Gooding Jr....Nummy!

Terry Gilliam is a genius.

I know a movie is good when I stop paying attention to the costumes. Spiderman good, Gladiator good...The Brothers Grimm...GOOD! (Troy, bad bad bad.) The theater experience was also tip top. An entirely adult audience who stayed quiet and turned off their cell phones, gods be praised.

No spoilers for you. Go give Terry Gilliam your money, he deserves it. Then send me some money because I give such good movie viewing advice. Then send my husband money because he puts up with me.


My little sister Jill has three boys too. Her oldest and her youngest have type 1 diabetes. What this means is that I get to design a T-shirt for their group to wear to the Diabetes walk! It used to be that I just designed for her oldest son, but her baby was diagnosed last month. (And for that lady online, on another forum, who asked me what the hell my sister fed her kids to cause that? Go sit on a stick and spin.)

Because there are two in the family with it now, I have to design with a new theme. There has been a Bob the Builder theme (can we cure it, yes we can!) and a construction worker roadsign theme. This year it's "show me the money!" I'll explain the design more later, when the shirts get printed up. My designs have won the T-shirt prize for the last two years and I have a reputation to uphold!

So, if you aren't cancer walking, or multiple sclerosis walking, or any of those other less fabulous afflictions, join a Diabetes Walk near you! If you would like to support my nephews specifically, let me know. Sending my sister money is much better than sending it to me or Justin.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the walk!!!!!! I would like to especially thank you for telling that women to go sit on a stick and spin! Besides I am your favorite sister and you must talk about me!


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