Monday, August 01, 2005

Postpartum Polka and the Minivan Waltz

My mind has been quite gone for months.

Eight months ago, constantly having words on the tip of my tongue was blamed on "my dumb pregnant brain" but since giving birth to my third child in June, I can't use that phrase anymore. My usual wit was tempered by hormones and the growth of boobs, saddlebags and body hair. Will my mind return? Will I shed the body hair? Will the title of my blog always be so pertinent? Can I at least keep the boobs? took me three days to name this blog because I couldn't think of the words.

In my forum readings I came across a post by a housewife hesitant to make new friends with other housewives because they had nothing to offer in the way of companionship except constant talk of children and home and children and cleaners and children. Apparently this is caused by a biological agent added to the water in suburbia as the syndrome is fast spreading.

"My dumb postpartum brain" will not pull a fast one on me! I will remember there is an outside world! I will remember politics and philosphy and pop culture!

I feel the syndrome tugging at me. We are buying a MINIVAN next week. My husband and I slashed our palms and gave the blood oath "Minivan, never!" when we began married life. We even celebrated our declaration with a trip to Toys R Us and hiding all the Barney toys. And here we find ourselves, parents of 3 children, 3 BOYS and we need a vehicle with three rows of seats so we can separate at least one boy from the rest.

Pull baby pull.

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  1. Argh! Please tell me you didn't cave and purchase a minivan! Couldn't you have gotten a nice SUV instead?

    Minivan = Grocery getter, soccer mom, etc.

    This upset me so much I've been unable to read your other posts. No, don't worry about me, I'll be alright. I'll recuperate eventually. *sigh*


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