Sunday, August 28, 2005

See how they run, see how they run.

I'm scheduled for surgery next month.

Don't worry, I'm only getting spayed! Otherwise I'm perfectly healthy and relatively normal.

During my last pregnancy I was constantly asked if I wanted a girl, since I already had two boys. You can only give two answers to this question in polite conversation. These are, "I just want a healthy baby." and "Yes, a girl would round out my family nicely."

When the ultrasound revealed a third boy, everyone expected me to be dissappointed. I honestly didn't care what brand the baby was. To not have a preference is wrong.

But, maybe I did have a preference. Though I'm a housewife and I am pretty good at most of the domestic arts, I'm just not a very girly girl. I don't like wearing makeup. I don't like purses. I don't own a closet full of shoes. I bought a can of hairspray back in 2001 and I still haven't used it all. What would happen if I gave birth to a girl is that she'd feel compelled by some kind of pink radioactive force to become a Britney Spears clone. She'd have blond teen queen super powers that it would be futile to parent over.

I'm just quitting while I'm ahead. Do I want a girl? God help me if I ever give birth to anything that will eventually menstruate.


  1. Feels great to know you're closing up the shop, huh? Look to your future, daughters-in-law, girlfriends, girls who are just friends...plenty of females on the horizon. And best of all you can send them home to their parents, er...your sons.

  2. I have a daughter and two sons. My daughter is the oldest and my nemesis. She is my mini me, and it hurts, god it hurts.
    BTW the big boobies are the best form of housewifery crafting I have yet to see.

  3. I have one of each, both are very different from each other.
    But I hear you about menstrating.

    Hope your surgery goes well.

    I see you have so many talents, and love the costumes you make.

  4. Having had to put up with my two younger sisters does make me glad I have a son. He's 13 though...

  5. My oldest boy is 11. He's quite the little drama king so puberty is gonna be so dern FUN with him!

  6. You are very funny.. I am the exact opposite of you. I absolute love feminine things, maybe too much so, so it was refreshing to hear your take.

    Maybe you could read my friends last post , and tell me your take on it..


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