Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The twelve year itch.

Twelve years ago Justin and I made a mistake. We decided to get married on August, 25th.

Marriage wasn't a mistake. I LOVE being married. I enjoy my husband in many ways. Living life with him is a lot of fun.

What was the mistake? We chose a really dumb wedding date. Getting away for our anniversary is complicated! Because we have kids, and Justin is a schoolteacher, our anniversary always falls when school starts. Can a schoolteacher take the first couple days of school off? HELL NO! Can we push the kids on somebody the first days of school? Sheesh no!

I should have known this would happen when we married. It was a Wednesday and it fell on the first day of the semester of college. Having nothing to do that day except show up in the afternoon wearing a monkey suit, Justin decided he should go to school. His first class was a women's lit course. He was one of two males in the class. The other guy was only there to pick up chicks. (I hope Justin wasn't there to pick up chicks!) The prof wanted everyone to introduce themselves and say something about their lives. Justin, obviously, chose to share that he was getting married later that day. It was the wrong thing to share.

If there is one quality of single female college students in Utah County it's the need to get married. It's very very very important. Being so casual as to attend class on your wedding day flies in the face of this need. Justin isn't one to be ashamed of what he does, so he justified himself. I don't think, with that group, there were justifications enough. At least the female professor was on Justin's side.

So, tommorow is my twelfth anniversary. Only the rest of my life to go.


  1. Happy anniversary!!! Thanks for the visit! I love your icon ;-)


    NJ from NJ

  2. congrats, babe!!! That's such a great story... and I'm going to steal your idea by posting one of my own wedding pictures--hope ya don't mind.

    i'm too lazy to do a separate comment so this is for the halloween boobs: THAT ROCKS! I love your justification that it's actually very IMmature...hehehe

  3. Happy Anniversary to you.

    Many more joyful and plesurable years to you both.

    Your icon is adorable!


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