Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Highway to Hell

If you live anywhere in the SLC area, I can tell you which dealership to NOT buy a car from. Plenty of dumbasses running that place! Because of two weeks of their mistakes I had to hold off driving up to the DMV in Elko until tomorrow and my temp tag expired. They are paying for any tickets and penalties I get. (Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!) Needless to say, my husband is plenty pissed about the whole situation.

Do you think if I tried to audioblog in the DMV, people would look at me funny? Man on the street (Street? Man in the DMV line!) interviews would be nifty! Excuse me sir? Have you seen Tom Cruise in "Days of Thunder?" I know, he's a sexy manbeast. What are your views on Scientology?

When you drive on desolate UT and NV highways you can always expect to see a constant on the sides of the roads, especially on exit ramps. There is nothing like the golden sparkle of emergency coolant in the hot sun. Considerate people leave milk jugs, or plastic coke bottles, full of the lifesaving liquid right on the sides of the roads just in case! I've never overheated on the highway but I sleep better at night knowing that I won't be stranded long.


  1. Having never been out that way, I think it's pretty damn 'cool' that people leave jugs (hehe .. I said Jugs) of coolant on the side of the road for people (dumbasses) like me, who wouldn't know any better!

    Sorry the DMV is turning into the registration from hell ...

  2. I have not been that way, but it is a nice random act of kindness that people leave jugs of coolant.

    Now, the DMV is something completely sinister!

  3. I've been that way many times and I've never noticed. I'll have to look next time, that's very comforting thing to know.

  4. LOL emergency coolant is pee.

    I'm off to the DMV now.

  5. k, first caught my attention w/ the profile f/ "bendover, NV" (made me laugh), then lifesaving liquid, odd but alright...pee??!

    i'm in. you rock. thanks for making me laugh.

  6. I figured the bottle was pee and was wondering if anyone has ever taken a swig.
    Sorry to hear about your DMV story , here in NJ they seem to have gotten alot of their crap toghter and it is a whole lot better now. Since they have started all these new thingies I have yet to wait more than 30 minutes in a place that makes hell look like Dunkin Doughnuts.


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