Sunday, September 04, 2005

I Wanna Do Ron Popeil

I sliced into my thumb doing the dishes. Why do they make those blades in food processors so sharp? I almost feel like blaming Dubya Bush for it even though it's not his fault. I think I'll blame Dick Cheney instead. Yes, I'll blame Dick because I sliced through thumbnail too.

Since my brain has been all over the place lately I've been centering myself playing simple games online. Two of my favorites are Psychobabble and Alchemy. Try em out. If you really want to work your brain, work up to the hardest levels of the Dyson Vacuum game. You will begin to bleed profusely out of your ears. After cleaning yourself up you will vow to never buy a damned Dyson vacuum because of the torture that is the game.

Speaking of slicing and head injuries, check out one of my favorite halloween props. I've sold these for a few years.

This is Fred. Everytime I get a shipment of Freds my older boys like to toss them around like footballs. I sometimes worry about how I raise my children.


  1. Ouch! So sorry you cut your finger!

    I'd say, always blame Dick when anything goes wrong!! :)

  2. Fred is cool, mm daughter works at Party City maybe she can get me one.



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