Thursday, September 15, 2005

License Plates and Lavatories.

I tried to audioblog at the DMV, really I did...but it just wasn't happening. Why? Because I was the only unfortunate patron at the DMV when I stopped in. You heard it folks, an EMPTY DMV. God does perform miracles, hallelujah! I was in and out of the DMV in ten minutes.

The DMV folks weren't cranky either. Three of those minutes were spent with those lifeless souls cooing at my baby! They refused to change my kid's diaper however.

I've never been so happy to hand over a big chunk of tax money in my life.

I attempted to audioblog in the Walmart but the post was mostly indecipherable. I wanted you all to hear the tired and cranky mommy screech at her three tired and cranky children. She was also kinda paranoid. Would you run away from a nice woman holding out her cell phone and mumbling something about an empty DMV? I didn't think so.

In between Bendover and Elko is a place called Independence Valley. There is only one building in Independence Valley. While I'd really like that building to be a 7-11 I have to settle for the building being a prison. That's right folks, the irony is delicious. Do not pick up any hitch-hikers.


It's the 15th and it's time to announce September's "Bestest Housewifely Doodad".

Pumie! What's a Pumie? It's a pumice stone with a convenient handle. Get that image out of your head you perverts.

Pumie is two dollars and thirty five cents of toilet cleaning joy. It removes the nasty stained hard water ring in your crapper with ease! There is no reason to wear gloves using this product because there are no chemicals that will dissolve your skin. I know you enjoy sniffing the chemicals, but really, that kind of thing makes you screech at your kid's in Walmart.

Thank you Pumie, I like you, I really like you.


  1. the Pumie huh? I'm guessing that wouldn't be a practical birthday present to my girlfriend huh?

  2. Mike, like I said, get that image out of your head you perverts.

  3. Whaaaat? I just meant for cleanin' and all :)

  4. Pumie...pumie....I know I;ve heard that term before somewhere and it WASN'T a cleaning implement :-)

    Awww maybe it'll hit me later :-)

    I've never tried audioblogging, sounds kind of interesting...let us know if you find anything interesting worth sharing!


  5. You know what's REALLY scary????

    It looks EXACTLY like the pumice stone w/handle I have for scrubbing the dead skin off my feet.

    So I guess I can scrub the 'dogs' and the toilet all with ONE pumie, huh?!
    Ewwww .....

  6. Just skip a step and put your dogs in the toilet. Uhhh

  7. Hi Becky, thanks for dropping by my blog to leave a comment. I have not seen or even heard of Ed, Edd and Eddy, but the name alone makes me feel cranky. I'll be avoiding them.

  8. You mean we're supposed to clean the toilets???? Hmmm... who knew?

    (thanks for stopping by my blog... thought I'd come pay you a visit!)

  9. I think you should call Guinness Book of Records on that DMV story. That is so hard to believe!

    Pumie sounds kind of durty in a strange way.

  10. sure sounds like a sex toy to me


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