Monday, September 12, 2005


It's 2:48 am and the cops have just shut down the loud party next door. I guess politely asking them to tone it down at 1:00 wasn't good enough. Bastards.


  1. Sorry you were unable to sleep...

    Like you, I woke up at about 2:50, but had a case of insomnia, and started to blog!

  2. I have insomnia too, but last night I managed to drift off at an early midnight. The dorks next door woke me up at one. I was not amused. I didn't manage to go back to sleep until four.

  3. I hate assholes like that. We have neighbors across the street who somehow think it's ok to go out of town and leave the teenagers at home alone. They do this at least once a month!

  4. Hey at least they are in a house. These low-lifes across the street from me have a dozen cars in the street, and leave their "siouvenirs" behind.

    I'm always finding used condoms and drug paraphanelia in the curb in front of my house..

  5. Argh!! How obnoxious. The building next to me is being renovated, and they start with the jackhammers at 7:00 every morning, including Saturdays. It's driving me nuts!

  6. STFU...let me introduce you to the joys of nitroglycerin, sodium nitrite, powdered charcoal...oh, the list goes on, and the problem goes away!



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