Friday, September 09, 2005

Take My Husband...Please!

Let's blog while I do my Ebay and while I pull stray hairs off everything. I just brushed my hair and I'm seriously pulling handfuls of hair off of my shoulders and out of my brush. When I finish shedding, I might dye my hair. Recommendations appreciated unless you are going to tell me to go blonde, get those damned trendy tiger stripes or get a perm.

Justin and I are arguing. Sigh. I am of the very correct opinion that I am funnier than he is. He, of course, disagrees. My oldest son says Dad is funnier. My middle son says Mom is funnier. The baby is biased because I'm his only source of food and so he doesn't get to vote...and...well...he can't talk.

Ponder this while I pick up my boys from school.

I'm back, did you ponder?

I know, I know. No one is funnier than I am! Thank you for agreeing with me. I love you.


  1. well...I hate to be a kiss-up, but yeah you're DAMN funny. Dunno about the spousal unit, though--not enough data. Maybe it's a toss-up?

  2. Put him in a bikini, take picture and post it on your site. If he can take the laughing---then he's funnier!

  3. Well I am a new girl to your blog but I have to say you have quite the wit! Gotta vote for you.

    Loving the Carmen Miranda Costume.

  4. Ok..This too shall pass. The hair will re-grow, and you and Justin will make-up. You are probably having an uncomfortable day.

    Go to a good hairdresser and see what he/she suggests. Dying it may not be the answer for you, and professional advice would serve you best. I am sure you are not alone with this hair issue.

    Hope you have a good evening.

  5. Well, when your right your right. No sense arguing about it.

    As for hair colour, there is nothing sexier than a Rita Hayworth red head.

  6. OK...I know funny when I see it and Becky you are DAMN FUNNY...if your husband is more fuuny he'd have to be god damn David Letterman funny is all I know. If anyone is feeling a little low all they would have to do is find the post where EBAY cancelled your breast selling costume item...something about fake oversized hooters...just makes me smile.

    Becky - vote

  7. Ok..Now I see this was meant to be funny...I am like way too serious...

    It is great to smile and appreciate the wonderful husband you have.

    Be well.

  8. Haha Barbara, you're a doll.

    I think I may go red headed, wee!

    Justin refuses to put on a bikini. That stinker.

  9. Bottle Reds are tough--it never looks natural-- not that it's a problem...from your photos it doesn't look as though you need any work at all. Justin refuses a bikini? He can't be that funny.

  10. You are funny. I'd suggest purple. Purple is different. If your son says nothing, that means you're funnier than your husband, but just to be safe, you might have to put him on Ebay before he makes any more jokes.

  11. i personally think that women are funnier than men, overall. my husband and i have this same argument... he only gives me credit for being funny on weekends. that's crap!

  12. You're both hysterical, but in very different ways.....

    plus Justin can kill me silently and not leave evidence.


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