Friday, September 02, 2005

There is a Season

I could blog about Katrina, but I won't. My husband has said his piece and that's that.

I could blog about how George Dubya is a moron, but I won't. Either George Sr. and Barb didn't beat him enough as a child, or they beat him way too much. Sheesh, that was blogging one sentence too much.

I could blog about three buck a gallon gasoline, but I won't. My baby has gas today and he's fussy.

I could blog on this ongoing useless damned war, but I won't, dammit.

I think what I will blog about is the things I am grateful for. I'm grateful for my creativity and the way it enhances my family's life. I'm grateful for the huge amount of knowlegde and information available to just about anyone that wants it, whether it be through a free library or the relatively small price we pay for media. I'm grateful for the love I have for and from a man with integrity. I'm grateful that I have a sense of humor and I see life as half full most of the time. I'm grateful for duct tape.

It's exciting to think of what may come in the future, despite the ignorance and tragedy around us. It probably won't turn out the way we plan, but there is beauty in the passage of time.

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  1. I truly enjoy this post!

    An attitude of gratitude, especially in the face of adversity, is something we should all be reminded to have.

    Thank you!


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