Sunday, September 25, 2005

They Plump When You Cook 'Em.

My fallopian tubes have been properly assaulted. I have had very little pain, tee hee, down there and I feel pretty good. The breathing tube they inserted (standard procedure at that hospital for tubals) left me with the worst pain. I lost my voice for a morning and I still have a very swollen uvula. (Google that you perverts.)

When I woke up I was surprised to learn that I had been the receiver of a stealth enema! My head has been filled with images to how they managed to bend my body to perform such a procedure. I would have gladly gotten the enema while awake but I suppose it's so much quicker and easier to do one on the unassuming. There is nothing like waking up so squeaky clean.

I was not dragged to Up-ChuckaRama, thank the lord. I did have some fabulous family run mexican fast food though. Amazing chicken enchiladas.

More later. I have many thoughts about many things that I'm sure you will be aching to read about. I also have a nice photo of my uterus that I may or may not post.


  1. Yeah, I'm first...big deal, I know...hope you're feeling okay...any surgery is tough on the bod. The stealth enema is clue it was coming at all??? Don't you wonder what the conversation was around that manuever??? It's a bizarre thought, I know.

  2. Well, hope you're recovering as least you got some mexican food out of that ordeal.

  3. Stealth Enema....hmmm intereting name for a band. I'll have to remember it.

    Hope everything else heals all nice and purty. Good Luck!


  4. Oh. My. Gawd. I cannot believe you were violated in such a manner. I totally would have lost it.

    When you check into a hospital, you have to leave your dignity at the door.

  5. I am with Teh. Dignity and hospital gowns are a total misnomer. Bunch of rats! Hope you are recoving well. I recall the procedure being a breeze as well as the recovery but no one shoved anything up my butt (as far as I know!)

  6. Glad it went well, even gladder (I wish that was a real word...) that you avoided the Up Chuck.

    Also, I'm with ya on the pregnancy weight hate. Women who shrivel back to their pre-pregnancy bodies should all--I don't know, something bad. It's just not fair, is what it is (or would that be "is not"?). Ok, I think it's offical: I'm retarded.

    If tards are allowed to vote, I vote for showing the uterus picture...

  7. I am very glad to say I shriveled back to my pre-pregnancy weight and also 40 pounds more than that. Ha ha sister Becky that was always the skinny one growing up. I think my butt is much smaller than yours. And I am the one who introduced her to the wonderful mexican food.


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