Monday, September 12, 2005

Whatever happens in the DMV stays at the DMV

We all hate the DMV, right? Is there anything worse than standing in long lines to pay money for a rectangular piece of tin you are supposed to put on the ass of your car? Yep, there is...that's having to drive 120 freakin miles to the closest god foresaken DMV.


When I'm on my instant messenger I don't stop strangers from messaging me. I've met many interesting and only slightly insane conversationalists. How do you start a stranger to stranger instant message? ASL. Age, sex, location; the pick up line of a computer geek near you. (Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day.) I'm convinced that comp geeks living in their mother's basements, typing one handed and wearing only socks have no knowledge of geography.

anonymouscompgeek: Hi asl
becky: who are you?
anonymouscompgeek: asl
becky: 30... you really can't tell what my sex is by the name? ...NV
anonymouscompgeek: whts NV
becky: Nevada
anonymouscompgeek: u in vegas
becky: nope
anonymouscompgeek: u in reno
becky: nope
anonymouscompgeek: I thought u said u were in nevada...
becky: I am.
anonymouscompgeek: got cam?

Could you please type with both hands? I know there are only two cities in Nevada and I'm sorry I avoided living in either of them.

Yep, I avoided living in any real Nevada city and that's why I have to drive 120 miles to the god foresaken DMV tomorrow. Yeehaw Elko.

PS. Do not buy a fabulous new minivan in Utah when you live in Nevada and expect them to have any understanding on how to register and pay the taxes on it. The dealership at least owes me a free spitshine.


  1. Ahhhh .... one of the joys of living in FL .... I can do all that online.

    It's a beautiful thing ....

    I feel for you though sweetie, that's a long haul to stand in line!

  2. Ugh. I hate going to the DMV. We can do it all online here in TX as well.

    And for the idiot, IMer: TX means Texas. And no, I don't live in Dallas, Austin or Houston.

  3. LOL Ok this blog is cute and why did it take me so long to find it???

  4. DMV stories are fun...and yes I must gloat that I too live in TX and can do it all's fabulous.

    As for the time you get one, start spamming back with things like "Do you have my SUper Tacos?" "Where are my super tacos?" "What Happened to my Super Tacos!!!!"

    It's the same tactic I use on telemarketers and it is quite fun and allows me to annoy them almost as much as they annoy me. Try'll liek it :-)


    Oh BTW...nice little place you have here, glad I stumble don it!

  5. I think the DMV is like the hazing that you have to endure to be part of the driving club. (AND Texas sucks, your pain like the rest of us!)

    ANd my, you're patient with those thinks-their-so-clever IMers. :)

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! i've read some of your posts and have been getting a kick out of it (to steal a phrase from my mother). i especially liked Salt, Slots and Sluts. Love. It.

  7. OMG! I love this post!!!

    I used to think the DMV was the worst governmental agency. Now, I give that honor to the post office.

  8. Becky....I don't think anyone has ever left the DMV and said "What a great time we should do it again, soon" the long lines, the brain-dead's all depressing and frustrating. Only thing worse I can think of is a root canal gone wrong and I'm not even sure if that is as bad.

  9. that guy sounded hot, I can't believe you're dissin' him.


    I fucking HATE people who can't type real words, and at the same time don't know anything. Although, what really blows my mind is that that dude has probably actually had numerous conversations like that, and some of the people ENJOYED them. Who are these people????

  10. NV has an online can do everything there except register a new vehicle. Crapstackers.

    Yes, my blog is cute. Stay and I'll feed you!

    Big Ed, those ARE nice supertacos, dude.

    I love my post office. We don't have street delivery mail since I live in BFE so I go there everyday! The mail ladies always ask me whats in the box and look at me funny when I reply that its a latex severed head.

    That guy? I've run into hundreds. It's the same exact conversation word for word, I swear! I forgot to add one more line. When IM pervert asks if I've got cam I make a fuss about him fulfilling my ultimate cam fantasy...that is putting an unboiled egg up his posterior without breaking the shell. I haven't found anyone willing to do this for me and I don't know why.

  11. You should always worry when they don't recognize Becky as a female name, and CARSON CITY as the state capital.............. HAHAHAHAHA



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