Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And this one band 2

My little sister, in her comment on pt. 1 , has alluded to this next installment of band camp stories. Let's get it on...

Stop right now you perverts...incest is NOT best. Sheesh!

I have three sisters and a brother. I'm the fourth kid. Jill is the fifth, being born 22 months after my butt showed up, making her only a year behind me in school. I was planned. Jill was a surprise. I was breastfed longer than Jill. I'm also taller, have cuter feet and I'm fabulous conversationalist. For many reasons I was winning this little sibling rivalry until she made points in a big way...a HUGE way...this made her boss over me. She's my boss and I'm a SENIOR and she was only a junior. I'm sorry, I need a moment...

There, we can continue. When Drum Major tryouts were posted Jill decided on a lark she would go out for it. The Leader of the Band had decided that the band needed two drum majors instead of one. This meant more direction, better marching and a more distinct sound. Jill was only a sophomore, but she was already first chair in the saxophone section beating out two or three senior players. I knew she'd kick band geek ass and she did. She was made 2nd Drum Major for her junior year behind the senior that got 1st spot. A junior Drum Major? Oh the horrors!

So...Jill's boss. I hear this all day long. March here, double time there, about face biotch! I wanted to put itching powder in her dickey. (That ruffly thing around her neck you perverts.) Didn't she realize she wouldn't have even made it to band practice at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am if I didn't drive her there? I didn't even make her pay for gas!

Jill looked dazzling in the uniform. She was not made to wear the female equivalent which had a skirt and knee high white boots. That would have been a lil bit cold up the keister.

I'm the one that needed to cool down my keister. I was involved with band geek boyfriend and we were constantly groping and kissing and kissing and groping. The half capes that hung off one shoulder on the band uniforms hide a lot of sins sitting in the bleachers at the homecoming game.

For Jill's success in band her junior year she gets top honors and trophies for her skills as a Band Major, even beating out the Band Majors of larger schools. For my success in band my junior year I was awarded a pin that said "red hot lover". I wonder how I got that?

I guess there will just have to be a part 3...


  1. Ah stories...the bane of the geekworld...sadly I have quite a few of them, forutnately they are more along the lines of your "Red Hot Lover" stories so that makes it alllllll good! Us hot lovin' band nerds have to stick togehter!


  2. Thanks Becky, I am so glad you were nice when talking about me. That would be one of the only times. And by the way, my kids are cuter and more personable than yours!!!!!!!!

  3. Ohhohohohhoh... yeah... "bandgeeks."
    In our school we called you guys "bandfags," a pretty huge misnomer because so far as I can tell you BG's here, there and everywhere are really big on hetero PDA.

    I hope that I don't offend any of y'all band geeks... I mean face it, I WAS a drama loser till I got dicouraged 'cause they would never cast me in any play.
    (small town New Mexico, 1986, 1/4 inch hair and a nose ring you do the math)


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