Saturday, October 15, 2005

How Much is that Doggie in the Window

I'm here blogging at my sister Jill's house. She has very healthy children who deposit healthy amounts of excrement in all three of their bathrooms. How do I know this? One son is odoriffic. WHEW! You can't eat as much as that kid eats and not expect to pull one off like a labrador.

So, in the interest of family peace I've offered to my sister October's Bestest Housewifely Doodad.
California Scents Citrus all purpose air freshener. This stuff is heavy duty air freshening power! I personally use it in my own bathroom and ne'er do I have a stinky smell! One short spray and you are left with a tangy orange grove flourishing in your loo.

What is better is that I bought this fine product at Kmart on sale. It had been marked down from 3.99 to 40 cents. I would pay the full four bucks now. I might even pay 4.01.

I should stick an entire can into the pants of my nephew. That might cure the smell but it won't cure the incessant barking.


  1. Why does your nephew bark?


  2. That air freshner looks awesome. And what a great deal as well. At that price, you can squirt can-fulls into the air.

  3. omigod... i can best you on that hilarious story, though. the other day when my husband came home from golfing he seriously asked me: "when you came home, could you smell my poop?"

    WHAT? Open a window, for the love of pete! And never ask me that again!

  4. Really? I needs to get me some of that!! Are you sure it won't leave the bathroom smellingn like someone just shit an orange?

  5. It doesn't! It's good shit! Uh.

    Anyway, if you have fine woods in your bathroom point the spray away from them.

    I'm serious about the one short spray.

  6. You know what else is dern fine air freshener? Victoria's secret body sprays. If it's on the counter and it's sprayable, it's air freshener, right?

    Really, VC body spray covers up the worst smells. It's more expensive than 40 cents though.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I tired of refilling the CO2 tanks every time some one lets one go. LOL!

  8. Hehe...sounds like my brother growing mother jsut gave up and left a lit STRONGLY scented candle in our bathroom 24/7 growing up..I think she got a bulk discount :-)


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