Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am Halloween Super Fun Mom!

Echo Echo Echo!

Stinkin' font sizes...

The party is over...Thank God. I've gratefully used two of my bestest housewifely doodads (August's and October's). Link to right >>>>>

Four boys and one girl attended, all ages 11 and 12. Two no shows. Four pizzas. One gallon of ice cream. Five thousand candy corns ground into my carpet.

One boy came covered in fake red blood. My carpet got covered in fake red blood. And my couch and there is probably some in my new van. Thanks August's bestest housewifely doodad.

Another boy asked to use the restroom and then made a horrendous odor. Luckily it didn't go too far. Thanks October's bestest housewifely doodad.

I went to the store this morning for last minute party supplies. I got pumpkins for 8 cents a pound. This made me incredibly happy. Inside the store not a single Halloween item could be found except for Halloween themed party supplies and bags of candy in discount carts in front of the store. Note the's stinkin' TWO days before Halloween. By all rights I still should be able to buy that big Halloween themed candy bowl that used to be on the shelf that now houses Santa Claus mugs. Nothing is sacred. The store was out of beer...not that I wanted any for a party for adolescents.

Do not give kids expo whiteboard markers to make tombstones....sniffffff.

Do not huff directly from the fog machine.

The kids played games from my youthful Halloween parties. They declared that we had the best party ever, even though no beer was served and it ended at 8. I have photos I will post later.

I'm kinda tired now and the party isn't over for me...hint hint nudge nudge knowhatImean...


  1. is that what happens when you huff the fog?

  2. I think I huffed fog once...the memory is a bit fuzzy though...enjoy "the rest of the party" :-)


  3. Sounds wonderful! You're such a good mom...hope the after party went even better! (yes, that means I hope Justin helped you clean up and then gave you a foot massage before the other good stuff...)

  4. That sounds like so much fun. And what does happen when you sniff directly from the fog machine?

  5. What fun! What a great deal on pumpkins too. I go to the local pumpkin patch and gather them, where they are $2 for a small one, and $4 for everything else.

    Plesae post some of your costumes if you have a chance. I would love to see them.


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