Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Sit on my Tuffet

I can't blog brain is mush. My mom used to make me eat mush. Should mush be a solid? I will try to get in a good post later this evening.

I took my boys to school this morning where I see the mother of one of my son's friends. She's wearing a large orange T-shirt with holes and bright red silk pajama bottoms. She's usually a sloppy woman but this morning she stood out a little more than usual. I should talk though, I was wearing red sweat pants and one of Justin's blue T-shirts. At least I wasn't double parked.

Back to sewing. (Jill, the costumes are going out TODAY!)


  1. And where were the holes located? ;)

  2. Pajama bottoms? What is THAT? Nothing wrong with being a little disheveled but please at least change OUT of your sleepwear.

  3. I regularly go out in my pyjama bottoms. It's the only way to go.

  4. I go out in my jammies too, but I don't get out of the car!

    It was the combo that got me. Bright red shiny newness with old bright orange ripped comfy-ness. I wondered if she'd actually slept in that or if she put on the pj bottoms because that was the only thing clean to put on her bottom half.

    She had a rather large Tshirt hole over the hip.

  5. I think I'm in love.


  6. Dear Lord...people really do notice what others wear????


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