Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm Becky and I'm a housewife.

I'm playing Literati. I so kick ass. Xi and xu are acceptable and high point words when used right, just so you know. I just scored 34 points off of "aa", "ax" and "xi"

The boys are cleaning their rooms. Somehow I have to get enough of their junk off the floor to be able to walk in and change their sheets. My oldest is on the verge of 12. This means that he has to keep his room clean more often because sheet washing becomes a priority until he moves out. So does sock washing. In my house,de Nile is a river in Egypt.

Then, after hours of cleaning 9' x 12' bedrooms, they have to be vacuumed. The dirt in Bendover is white. It's poor for a garden but it allows me to buy my boys white sneakers with which they track in all this white dirt. Why doesn't the white dirt show on their sneakers but it shows on my beige carpeting? Why the hell did we buy a house with beige carpeting anyway?

If my opponent doesn't take my spot, I'm going to make a huge word over two 2w spots. Good, they didn't. "Prattle" (taking all my letters, booyah!) and "alar". I kick ass. 67 points.

My uncouth neighbor had a for sale sign on his property until a couple days ago. I wonder if it's sold? He listed it way below value and the for sale sign wasn't up very long. Perhaps he's a budgeting genius as well as a keeper of the peace? I will never know. That house keeps getting sold and bought and bought and sold. I should start a betting pool on the possible new neighbors.

The baby is sleeping. My six year old is at the closest thing to an altar in my house, the TV, worshipping SpongeBob SquarePants. Justin and the oldest are out at the movies. I won my Literati game. I kick ass.

Time to leave you all in favor of a long bath. Get that image out of your heads you perverts.

Aa is a type of lava.


  1. Hope you are having a good weekend, and that you enjoyed the bubble bath.

    Being a parent, it is difficult to find those rare moments where you can be alone and find peace.

  2. Interesting that a blogger would get 67 points in literati from "prattle". I find that ironic. Placed over a 3w score, what would you get for ironic? :D We should really visit soon....

    BTW, I blew the whistle on your "farting in Walmart" thing.



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