Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm in the Mood for Love...

To the side, like most any blog, you'll find links to blogs I read. I need to update this badly. The last update was to include WWdN: in exile under Wil Wheaton dot Net. I'm a longtime fan of Wil Wheaton. I had Tiger Beat pages lovingly taped to my wall of my Uncle Willy. He has such poise... I discovered Wil's blog two years ago. So fresh and so funny. It's unfortunate that he's had programming issues of huge proportions and has had to get a temporary blog.

Justin and I have been watching I Love the 80's: 3D on VH1. I tell Justin, "Wil Wheaton is on this series!" and he gasps. He knows me likey the Wil. I've taunted Justin with images of Wil on the desktop from time to time. Somehow this Wil worship has led to a marital joke about me wearing Wil Wheaton pasties...I don't know how to explain that one. If you see me IRL someday and I have a funny look on my face and a certain jiggle, I've got a pair on.

We are still watching 80's: 3D for it's own sake. At least I think so. I don't seem to be the only one watching with a schoolgirly dreamboat expression on my face. The only one in that series with tatas is Elvira and Justin isn't blank staring at those. Who's the culprit? Who is going to be the object of my wrath? She is SO going down...
Mo Rocca?

My husband is simpering over MO ROCCA? I know the man is pretty and funny and full of Daily Show goodness, but really! Why couldn't Justin simper over Wil Wheaton? (Because that would make excellent fantasy material.)

Oh Mo Rocca, you lisping nostalgia hyper tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question, it's the undeniable sexy geekiness.

I can understand that.


It seems that every morning, when I drop my kids off for school, my car always manages to be behind a man driving his new Lincoln. This is a shame because this man cannot drive. He's done 30 in the 15mph school zone and then 5 the next day. He uses the wrong blinkers. He goes over curbs like it was going out of style. He passes on the right to turn right when everyone else he's passed also has to turn right, blinkers on, and they didn't seem to feel the need to drive over people's yards to do it.

This morning he simply stopped in the middle of the street. 5 mph and then 0 mph. Dead stop. Why? Because the man had noticed two cats in the yard of the house across from the school mating. I know free porn is free porn, but dude, pullllll over to practice voyeurism and let the rest of us by! It's a blessed thing that cat sex doesn't last more than two seconds because he did manage to put one of his feet on the gas pedal and go. Yes, we honked. Honking doesn't disturb cat love.

This is worse than the mother of one of my son's friends who walked her kid from her car to the school sidewalk wearing an old orange holey Tshirt and bright red new silk pajama bottoms. Her story doesn't end with the morning. The next afternoon I spot her wearing the same pants, this time with a bright pink Tshirt, doing afterschool cross walk duty. I can't make fun of her for this. She's a smart lady. There is no way in those pants that the damned man driving the new Lincoln can miss her and therefore her life is saved for the time being.


  1. A lot of men have a fascination with seeing things in sexual motion. Don't know why it is; I personqally look because I think it's hilarious. That's weird, I know.

  2. gives new meaning to the term kitty-porn. what a freak.

  3. Life-saving or not, those pants belong in the house.

    Mating cats is nothing to stop traffic for, but mating horses...


  4. at the image of the guy slamming on the breaks and watching cats get it on...I feel like I was in the car with you. keep us updated on this guy's antics.


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