Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plop Plop...Fizz Fizz

I've had a HUGE jump in hits yesterday and it's all because of this pic. I wrote about our little Katie in my Sept. 7th entry. I hope some of you Katie Holmes pic searchers actually read some of my blog content because I'm cuter than Katie is and...well...I have better taste in men. I like men with brains.

Let's get this out of our systems, shall we?



I hope that silent childbirth thing goes well for her.


  1. hehehe,

    I've missed this site...but am happy to see you've only gotten funnier...I'll read down to just what Katie Holmes fodder I missed.

  2. LOL....yeah...silent..that'sa funny one :-)

    I would love to hear how silent she is....

  3. eeeeeyeahhhhh....
    there is a reason that a womans anxiety in the face of child birth goes up on her second baby.

    It's 'cause labor and delivery SUCKS, and it does not CARE how well you have planned and how hard you practiced your crapping Hypnobirthing techniques and it makes no difference if you were the top of your freaking Lamaze class, 'cause sometimes something (shit) happens and you may end up needing a C-section anyway. Silent birth your way through THAT one Tom.

    sorry... a little of my own anxiety may have squeaked thru. Due with numero three-o in four weeks and I'm feeling a little tense.

    best 'o the best to ya Katie.

  4. My third birth went like buttah...seriously. The nurse was in awe! What's funny is that it was with my third that I was most anxious, about pain, about complications...

    I wasn't screaming by any means, but I did let an "Oh my GOD!" out a couple times.

  5. So. Very. Funny.

    I'd like to see the silent birth too. Only if I could get the epidural when I found out I was pregnant!! :)

  6. Silent? I hope she plans to be in a coma then.

    Did she really say that? How stupid!

  7. I was holding your leg for your last birth and you were not quiet. Have you forgotten? You can not give birth and not yell a couple of times. I yelled for all three, its the only time a girl can scream profanities and get away with it.

  8. Scientologists believe that an unmedicated and a silent (no screaming, groaning or speaking) birth as possible is the best for avoiding a traumatic experience for baby. Traumatic birth experiences later cause unwanted emotions and irrational fears.

    Hypnobirthing and Bradley are also known for quiet births but not because of the baby's mental health!

  9. I remember, it was only fourth months ago! And Jill...damnshitpissfucktwatblop

  10. blop?

    hey...did you go sans epidural for #3?
    BTW in my last ward (LDS here) the bishop and his wife had a deal that she could have 9 audible expletives per pregnancy. She told me that she tried to save 'em for L&D and BOY did she make 'em count. As LOUD, as looooong and as vile as possible! It's a good thing the same does not apply in my marriage or we'd be in arrears for about a platoons worth of kids, but it seems to work for them.

  11. Epidural needles scare me. I'd rather go through labor than have one of those poked in me. So, no epidurals.

    Blop is my sister's daquiri inspired boggle word.

  12. lol... poor joey. she has no idea what she's gotten herself into, does she? who would have thought she would be so naive and, well, stupid?

  13. Ok, so I'm abnormal, but ...

    I had a non-medicated and scream free child-birth; twice. Not silent, but no screaming.
    I have a VERY high pain tolerance, and I was blessed with quick, easy labors.

    No, I'm not a Scientologist.
    I'm just not "normal".

  14. Oh lets just shove a watermelon through Tom's....nostril....and see how long he remains silent, shall we?

    What-oh-what is he going to do when the Post Partums hit and Baby KATIE is bawling all night right along with lil mini-TomTom? Here's hoping she maintains a good relationship with her mother cuz she's gonna need it when she realizes just what a JACKASS this one is. And...I, too, wonder about the whole "getting the marriage date perfect", but hell, don't you worry about knocking her up a couple of months after you start dating her. Uh....Tom, your halo is slippin'....


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