Friday, October 14, 2005

Stop, Drop and Roll

Guess which one I put in my coffee this morning?
I usually make my posts late in the evening. I didn't last night. I was tending to this...

I dropped a glass. The are two reasons it didn't shatter on my kitchen floor. Number one being that it landed on my second toe and number two being that it weighed ten pounds. The little piggy that stayed home should have never attempted to do the dishes. Yup, it's broken. The blunt weight broke the skin and toenail and I bled on my impractical white lineoleum. It's really painful.

This makes me sad because on Sunday we were going to go to Lagoon and ride rolly coasties. I will have to wear the sturdiest shoes I've got. Last year we went to Lagoon and I got on this ride...

And I got off a glorious shade of green. I usually LOVE this ride. That's when I figured out that even though I wasn't due for a couple more days that my period was going to be very very late.

Well internets folks, I'm off to pack a bag or two. The family is heading into Utah County this weekend to attend my niece's wedding. I was going to wear nice shoes with my skirt but I think I will attend in my slippers. It will be a scandal for years!


  1. MMMM....enfamil in your coffee. THAT'S scandal.

  2. Going to Utah County? You ought to pack a rifle and some weapons. Especially if the locals find out you've been having coffee!

  3. Shhhhh, don't tell!

    I am from UT county. I was "bad" for openly drinking coffee in highschool. Of course, we won't talk about the jocks snorting heroin, shall we...

  4. sorry about your toe! that sounds like something i would do... come to think of it, it sounds like something i HAVE done.

    wedding reception in utah county, huh? so you're going to go through the reception line and eat nuts and mints out of a cup and then leave? why do you have to pack a bag? that's only 15 minutes out of your life.. unless everyone from the ward come and then you'll have a good 30 minute wait to shake hands and say congratulations to people you don't even know.

  5. You know Utah family. You just can't GO. You have to VISIT. This requires a whole stinkin' weekend. I like my nuts in a cup.

    OK, seriously, I'm getting off the computer now.

  6. OUCH!!! I broke one of my toes on vacation in VA when my daughter was young. Dropped a baby bottle on it at just the right angle. I bet that really smarts!!

  7. Ooooo, that's gonna leave a mark....

    So sorry about your toesie! "S" is Oooo-ing as well as I read him your blog and he says he feels sorry for you cuz he knows how much it hurts.

    I hope the wedding goes well and your toe heals quickly.

    A question: a toe that is already purple most of the time turns WHAT colour when it's broken?


  8. damn you to hell (or eternity in provo...)! You WILL have time to stop in for a chat/drink/make out session one of these days. Oh yes, you will.

    I hope.

    Sorry 'bout the foot. hope you had a great weekend anyway. :)

  9. ...I love what nytro said.

    fucking utah receptions. I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. (or sons, if you're talking pyromaniacs...)

  10. O-U-C-H. In my family, my hubbs and my son are real bad about hitting their toes on bed frames, door frames, couches, etc. I don't get it. Why must they be so clumsy?

  11. Oh dear "G" or Clarabelle...snicker. My toe is a beautiful black coloUr. The toenail is a goner.

    I wore my Chuck Taylors to Lagoon. My son asks me where I got these and I said I wore them in highschool and now I can wear them again! He approves.

    Lisa, there is a phrase in your post that will make Justin all teary eyed. I'll let you ponder this.

    The wedding reception was lovely. If I had gotten married in the fall it would have been something I would have chosen. No nuts in cups (Unless you count Uncle Whatshisname). My niece served ice cream and hot apple pie.


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