Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There is Beauty in the Breakdown

This morning I woke up as usual. I remember it like it was yesterday...uhhh. Anyway, I woke up, did the necessary that most everyone does when they wake up in the morning, then bee-lined for the coffee pot. Oh glorious morning dew! How you lift my night owl spirits!

The kitchen only seems to be in it's usual disarray of dishes half done. I miss one of three piles of cat barf on the impractical white linoleum by the space of my little toe. Hello kitty! My cat wasn't interested in cleaning it up and wasn't appreciative when I did it for him. Why I put up with his shenanigans I'll never know. It's not like he's bringing in any cash.

I end my day with the baby hurling on me. Baby hurl is so much cuter than cat hurl. Don't worry, the baby doesn't seem sick. He's gassy but he's not sick. We'll be retiring to the bathtub after Law and Order SVU. Lavendar baby shampoo smells manlier for a boy child than the orange stuff.


Justin and I just finished one of our favorite movies. HBO knows what we want. "Garden State" has one of the most satisfying kissing scenes in any movie. Zach Braff has a movie making style that is pure bliss to watch.

When Justin grows up he wants to be Zach Braff. He wants to be Zach Braff because Zachy boy lays his lips all over Natalie Portman. She shore does got a purdy mouth.

And talent. She never stares right into the camera!

Oh Natalie Portman, you Jedi pooping tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. She is just so genuine!

I wonder if Natalie Portman hurl is cuter than cat hurl too.


  1. whoa. strange coincidence...my whole "celebrity fuck list" idea was spawned DIRECTLY from Zach Braff!!! He has a blog for Garden State and I dorkily left a comment there Monday night. Check Tuesday morning's comments.

    I used that email address and dropped him a silly note last night, got a reply back this morning...I was ECSTATIC when I got the comment, but have since talked myself into only half-believing it's really him...Yes, let me summarize: Zach Braff may or may not have personally viewed my nips and give them the thumbs up!!

    I love Natalie Portman, too. "Where the Heart Is" is one of my favorite chick-type flicks...she's just so darn cute. And yes, that kiss scene is one of those amazing ones that you have been waiting for for so long... Have you seen "Closer"? I loved her in that, even if it was a crushingly sad movie to watch.

  2. I'm sure she probably could - and she'd probably bring in some cash!!

    Have you seen the movie Closer? She plays a stripper in that movie. My hubby loves her in that!

  3. Closer is currently #5 on my Netflix queue.

    My word verification? Ibfux


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