Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bland of the Lost

I tried to post earlier this morning but the newest version of Yahoo messenger kept making my computer freeze. Let's try this again.

Here are some pics from my boy's Halloween party.

Pass the pretzel was a big hit.

This is my middle boy. Don't squeeze the charmin.
This year my son's school decided to not allow the students to wear costumes to class. The reasoning behind this was that there was a negative dynamic between the haves and the have nots. I can understand this. When you have to drive 120 miles to a Walmart for a kid's costume with the price of gas as it is, getting a Disney princess dress is not a priority. What gets me is this...Where is the creativity? About half of the kids I saw trick or treating last night wore street clothes. What happened to taking something out of the back of the closet and making your own? (Like the bloody boy above has done.) When did it become a faux pas to put together Dad's old bell bottoms and Mom's old beads and say "it's a hippie" ? That was all the fun when I was a kid, planning your costume for the entire month of October!

But, alas, I am a hypocrite. I'm in the costume and Halloween biz. I expect you to pay a lot for my skills and expertise! I'm providing you with a necessary service afterall! You need a recipe for fake blood? I gots one. You need a recipe for homemade kid friendly makeup? I gots one. Want to know how to make any costume black light sensitive? I'll lay it on you. Want an ape suit with a big red baboon bum sewn on the back? Right away.

I still can't find my corset. I've even looked in my freezer. I WILL TAKE PICS OF THE GOWN. I will turn my house upside down and I will find what I had out on Saturday. Instead of wearing my gown, I wore something warmer for trick or treating. Why do I need the corset? Welllll...parts of the gown hook and eye directly to the corset and then it provides the proper shape and silhouette for the construction of the gown. Plus it pushes up my diminishing chest.


  1. Have you checked Justin's lingerie drawer for the corset? I remember a Halloween when we went through all the old rags and you discovered the fun of making your own Boy George costume Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon!

  2. The freezer? I'm still trying to think of a reason for it to be in the freezer? Wait, I just thought of a reason... never mind!

  3. I found a bra in my refrigerator once. So, that might help

  4. You mention your diminishing chest and I see the RIP tombstone directly above it....it's all just so sad.

  5. I think I'm the Halloween scrooge, but it looks like a fun party.

    I'm just glad the fake red blood is on YOUR carpet, not mine.

    ; )

  6. I love your son's costume. That is so creative.

    Maybe your corsett is with my sunglasses. Can't find those bastards anywhere!

  7. What a fantastic career!


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