Thursday, November 17, 2005

Convection-luted Thinking

I've succumbed. That's right, my flesh is all too willing and my will is weak.

I'm eating a cookie.

Not just any cookie. Oh no! Anise flavored biscotti kissed by dark chocolate and blessed with macadamia nuts. When I dunk this cookie in milk the milk audibly sighs.

...and no, my pre-pregnancy jeans aren't fitting yet. I'm working on this. I bought myself new clothes shortly before that little surprise and as God is my witness, they will fit again!

I deserve a cookie. I'm a good person and doggammit, people like me. I'll do extra yoga tomorrow. I'll eat all my vegetables. I promise I won't make any more bad swears.

I know! I'm craving cookies because I'm menstrual. This is making me deficient in vitamins only found in dark chocolate and macadamia nuts. Very cold milk helps the cookie vitamins be absorbed by my brain cells and that translates into writing a better blog.

I'm eating cookie for you, dear readers. You're worth it. Share? Nope!

Don't make me kick your ass.


  1. Oh, you are so right. Biscotti ROCKS. Go. Eat. Enjoy. For tomorrow is another day. The freakin' salad will still be there. I know, because I just ate mine, lol!

  2. Eating a cookie for just too damn sweet. You got me scared to ask for any of it now anyways. Enjoy :)

  3. MMMMmm... all except for the milk part. Ya lost me at the milk part. Way too lactose intolerant for any appreciation of milk.


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