Monday, November 21, 2005

Does fish poo smell like fish or poo?

I should be cleaning the fishtank.

We have a ten gallon tank with five fish. One fish for each member of the family. They have names. Justin's fish is a bottom feeder which he's named (Kevin Federline) Scumbag. I had a frog which was named Thor, but Thor went to froggy heaven and was replaced by a white angelfish I named Dr. Phil. The kids have fish named Whiskers, Jessa and Junior.

Whiskers is a big white fish. He was the tank bully, keeping Jessa behind the heater in the corner. When I went new fish shopping after Thor's sad demise I was told to stay away from the angel fish because they can be aggressive. Poifect! I purchased Dr. Phil and now Jessa can swim with the other fishies. Whiskers tried to lay some smack down on Dr. Phil when Dr. Phil was the new fish but Dr. Phil wasn't going to take any of that shizznit.

Scumbag wasn't purchased for his looks. He is supposed to help keep the tank clean. But, much like his namesake Kevin Federline, he's lazy and he's learned to mooch. Have you ever seen a sucker fish swim upside down? Scumbag does! He swims upside down and eats the fishfood off the top of the tank. He fills up on the good food and forgets that he's got a job to do. The tank is filthy. Scumbag has grown about three times his size since we got him. Next week, when he dies from over-consumption, we'll have to dig him a hole in the backyard to dispose of him because he'll be too big to flush.

But then maybe Scumbag will manage to get himself married to Jessa and then them pimps and hos can have a baybay. (Meaning, I may buy a snail to do Scumbag's job. But what to name it?)


  1. Hi Becky,

    Just passing through. Neat blog you have here, I will come back!


  2. Clearly, he was perfectly named!

  3. Man, you have got a lot going on in that tank. LOL!

  4. Jesus! You put an angelfish in a ten gallon tank?

  5. I asked Jesus and Jesus said it was ok...


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