Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hey, How You Doin'?

I regularly check how you folks are arriving at my blog. While I'm still getting most of my hits from this pic of Katie Holmes (yes, I'm using Katie. Don't worry, she likes it.) I get the occasional hit from a search engine. Check out my placement in an MSN search using the term lonely housewife.

Oh yeah! I'm in such FINE company. Whatever can I do to be first?

I know what you were thinking. That's nasty.


  1. Thought of you today; we were in a t-shirt store in Newport and S saw a teeshirt saying "beer is yummy!" He wanted to send one to you...

    He sends good wishes your way.

    Happy blogging to you, Justin, the 3 boys, and Katie H.

  2. Sandwiched in between "Slut Wife" and "Anal Sex" You go girl ;)


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