Friday, November 11, 2005

Hug a Veteran

Have you hugged a veteran today? I hug one most everyday! Honestly, I don't hug him because he's a veteran. I hug him because he's cuddly and he has nice thighs.

Since it's Veteran's Day schools here are not in session. This means a day off for Justin and a day annoying us for the kids. It's almost 9 am and they are already as fidgety as meth addicts. I have duct tape at the ready.

Also, since it's Veteran's Day, the fare on TV is war movies. Justin likes war movies. I awoke to a loud barrage of gunfire. I love the smell of napalm in the morning?

This morning's movie was a WWII era flick called "Head in the Clouds" starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. While Justin thinks that Penelope's breasts have a distinctive and glorious shape, he prefers the platinum blonde draw of Charlize Theron.

I find Charlize amazingly talented. Anyone that can go from this:

To this:

And then back again:

...gets points from me. Yeah, I know the monster look is half makeup, but the pot belly in that movie was all Charlize baby! Now what she needs to do is give birth to three babies!

Oh Charlize Theron, you Aeon Fluxing tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. She has more than two brain cells to rub together.

I think I'll go wrap up my undressed-ness in one of Justin's old BDU shirts and then proceed to really hug a veteran.


  1. Give him one for me too--but keep it clean, and........

    Mine has better thighs!

  2. Not only have I not hugged a veteran, I can't even think of one to hug! That's sad.

    I'll hug Charlize...

  3. Hug him for me sweetie!

    I'm off to hug Charlize ..... ;)


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