Sunday, November 27, 2005

I spellchecked "tryptophan"

Ahhhh, back from the beehive.

And busy little bees they were in Utah County. All bumbling about at various malls and Wallyworlds. We are forced by our geography to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and the day after the day after Thanksgiving. We strategically planned our Black Friday so we wouldn't end up black and blue. Early morning deals? There isn't enough coffee in the world to get me to a Walmart that early in the morning. I dislike being maced.

Despite trying very hard, I did not repeat the Black Friday incident I relay in this stinkin' post right here. I know some of you were thinking it.

We spent our first of two Thanksgiving meals at my husband's uncle's home. He likes hunting. Their family room is a tribute to carnage and fur. Have you ever tried to eat pie in front of a stuffed Warthog as well as 100 other glass eyeballs? I highly recommend it. It keeps you right on your diet.

At least this year I wasn't lulled into a nap by tryptophan and football on TV. There was a year that I fell asleep at dear Uncle Shotgun's feet. Have I lived this down? Nope.

Justin just asked me if I was posting about his ex-girlfriends because he saw the pic of the warthog. The man is amazingly sensitive.

Thanksgiving meal two takes place at my oldest sister Lori's house later that day. The only fur present is from her three cats and her husband. My sister is going to become a grandma! Her talented son has dispensed the contents of his loins onto a lovely girl and baby will be coming in July. Why is my nephew so talented? He undid my two hook bra during a game of Yahtzee with two fingers in about half a second. That's ok...I got back at him by writing "I love titties" on his hand in magic marker. He gets his nimbleness from me.

I also tried to beat up my younger sister Jill. She punched me in the boob. To be fair, I think... but I'm not sure... but I think I punched her there first. My dad broke it up and sent us to our corners. My mom tried to tell us because we insisted on punching each other in the chest growing up that that is the reason we both ended up with small boobs. I disagreed. We both used to punch older sister Lisa in the chest and she got boobs. We came to the conclusion that Lisa is not over the swelling. She's really small chested under all that Tshirt fillin'.

I hope you all had happy...and if not happy at least entertaining...Thanksgivings.


  1. Had a fantastic Thanksgiving [thanks for asking], although it could have used more boob punching.. or at least touching, I would have been happy if I was not the only boob there.

    Great food anyways, and a good football game.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    By the by... if you come down this direction for Christmas also, you should drop by my house for a little caramel popcorn and good cheer!

  3. Becky,
    The only reason our father broke up our little sparing match is because you kept slugging me, and I wasn't reacting much, just letting things slide. I finally hit you back hard and you still kept asking for more. Dad broke it up because he knew that if you hit me a couple of more times you would have gotten hurt. And you know that I would have done it. I was in no mood to be hit in the boobies after having 30 people at my own house for Turkey Day. So you just wait. Christmas is coming and I will be more than willing to beat the crap out of you then!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  4. My husband carved "Lisa has nice boobs" into our big black garbage can...


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