Monday, November 28, 2005

My vagina is angry as hell and it's not going to take it anymore!

When Justin and I started dating we made a mutual agreement about the dynamics of our relationship. We agreed to stay away from gender based generalizations. You know the type...the "men are dawgs" or "women are nags" line of thinking. Justin, at that point in his single dating career (as opposed to his married dating career?) was awful tired of his dates offering up the line, "You wouldn't understand because you're a man." instead of using any effort to converse or explain. I am perfectly happy to explain myself and so I agreed.

Here we are in the wake of Men are from Mars, I'm from Uranus school of thought. (By the way, "Dr." John Gray's only degree from any accredited institution came from a high school. Barbara De Angelis is on her fifth marriage.) Is it really very fair to judge our significant others on a general mass of genitalia restricted behaviors? Does John Boy Gray's explanation of men going to their caves and women yakkin' like it was going out of style really produce one on one results? Should women submit to testosterone patches so we can get along with our hairy male counterparts? Can I get Justin to go shoe shopping with me?

Here is my mostest favorite gender based generalization. This is the one that really makes me roll my eyes. Are you ready? Here we go...

Men are more visual than women.

I call bulltits. I know plenty of visual women. I am a visual woman. Otherwise why would this... ...make many women drool? (and some men too!) There are no indications of this man's personality present here, or his interests or qualities or talents or values or habits. Here all we have is abs and a towel. Here we have a disturbing lack of body hair.

I have to admit I really don't understand the fascination with Brad Pitt. I also have to admit I have a little tingle going when I see a pot belly on a man. Squooshy goodness. Shoulders are good too...and thighs...and uhh...yeah...what was I saying?

Oh yeah, gender based generalizations...

They are a cop out. If you are having issues with your significant other blaming a gender based stereotype isn't going to make your issue more livable or more understandable. All it's going to do is let you avoid for a time the real messy work of actually solving a problem between two individuals. Don't make me point out the key word in that last sentence.

My name is Becky. I am a housewife (which has stereotypes all it's very own, check out my October 17th entry) and I understand mess. I don't understand why anyone would watch ESPN, but dammit, I understand mess.


  1. I hold you personally responsible for the load of towels I'm going to have to wash in the wake of that visualization in your post; the boy is a mite yummy, isn't he? Washboardy goodness!

  2. The picture guy (is he one of the European rugby players, or are naked hot men with small towels all the rage these days?) gives plenty of indications of his interests. His body is smooth, so clearly he's interested in being licked...all...over. And touched...everywhere.

    That said, I'm more verbal than visual. Write a story about what that guy's going to do with that body, and I'm much more interested in that than in looking at his picture.

  3. Clearly you are indicating that you don't wish to lick the pic of John Gray. Does anyone want to lick John Gray?

  4. Hahahahaha!

    sorry the pic doesn't do THAT much for me... had you a picture of Nathan Fillion (see Firefly or Serenity) in the same state of disrobe and ummm...
    sorry, what were we talking about?

  5. Holy CRAP! What a vision of beauty! My eyes are dried out because I haven't blinked in five minutes. WOW!

    Yeah, I think I'm about the visual. I love looking at beautiful things.

  6. I don't 'get' the Brad Pitt craziness either.

    Hmmm .... go figure!

  7. I'll go on record as not wishing to lick John Gray.

  8. He's cute, but ya know I could never see that guy changing his own oil, or getting a little dirt on his tight jeans ...


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