Friday, November 04, 2005


There is no better time to blog than when your kids go to sleep early, your cat is purring sleepily in your lap, your husband is having a good pre-bed gawk at Bill Maher and you are both full of expensive Friday night seafood buffet.

Our family was seated next to an older couple at buffet tonight. They looked at us like we had just sucked the flavor out of the food by our mere presence. I understand this. I don't like to be seated next to the family with two boys and a baby either. However, my boys are typically well behaved in restaurants. We take 'em hungry and who has time to misbehave with a face full of crab legs and prime rib? The female half of the couple approached our table after they'd finished their meals and commented on my well behaved children. Yes, I'm bragging. In Utah there are no adult only restaurants. Every restaurant has a kid's menu and buckets of crayons. You go out to eat and you can expect widdle pwecious seated at the next table over to disturb your meal repeatedly and loudly. When you leave Utah and cross the border into Adult Only Casino Land you don't expect to be sitting next to children during your meal. You throw up your hands because escape is futile! I'm happy that my kids didn't attempt table dancing and doubly happy she thought to comment. Those things make your day. I hope they spend plenty of money in Bendover.

If you notice to the right and down lower I've posted a new feature. I would like to chronicle construction of my costumes on my blog as my own little motivational tool. Halloween is over and I'd like to jump right back into it again this year rather than taking a couple months off. I took all summer off this last year with good childbearing type reasons. I'm quite done childbearing now and I feel like I'm (a) behind. I'll add photos of the process as I go along.

My better half has been nominated by Green Hills Literary Lantern for The Pushcart Prize. It's an honor simply to be nominated. If the press includes Justin's poem in the publication I believe he'd spontaneously would be that big. In any case, Justin, I've always been proud of you. (Insert pushcart double entendre here.)

And now it's the weekend...ahhhh.


  1. First things first: Justin, you owe me a book. It was promised, and I still expect it. Congratulations on the nomination by Green Hills Literary Lantern, which I've never heard of, and I'm sorry. :( However, I'm still happy for you!

    I can attest to the well-behaved-ness of those kids in a restaurant. It's almost freaky. Personally, I think they drug 'em before they go in.....

  2. i'm glad that your kids are well-behaved in restaurants. there's nothing i hate more than that! i think that i night out with your husband sitting next to the typical mormon family of five kids screaming and crying serves as great birth control.

  3. My kids are such little shits in restaurants it is amazing. We just came back from a family lunch for a nephew who was baptized (yes, in Utah, and yes, into the Mormon Church) and they were very bad little boys. I enjoy it when my kids act like when I am touching them they are being beaten and scream with terror so everyone will turn around and shake their heads at me. Beleive me, I don't hurt them until we get home. Not really, but my middle boy will be in his room on his bed for the rest of the day. Fun for him!

  4. sigh....
    Nytro, if you ever feel the need for a little additional b.c. just come on down and visit me in Spaineesh Fark. Kind people and family, tell me that I have two very "active girls." I am dead positive this means "brats." You won't find us in a restaurant though, that is our humanitairian work... avoiding restaurants.

  5. oh, AND congratulations to yer hubby!

  6. You, my friend, are my hero.

  7. Congratulations. Do you know anywhere online where nominees are posted or the contents of the 05 edition? (Pushcart's website is worthless.)

    Eyeball Hatred


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