Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who am I?

I was supposed to be named Brian.

Before there was ultrasound a doctor would listen to baby's heartbeat and decide by how fast it was thumping away what brand the baby would be. Being in utero was obviously an exciting experience for me because my thumping was faster and therefore I'd be a boy. My parents already had two daughters and a son so another boy would round things out nicely.

But then I was born...lacking a penis.

Had my parents prepared themselves for a daughter? Nooooooo. They had not chosen any girls names. While they pondered the choices it was my oldest sister Lori that finally got the job done and named me a day after my birth.

My given name is Becky Lee.

No, I am not a Rebecca.

It's amazing to me how many folks out there insist that I am a Rebecca. How terrible it is for your parents to name you just Becky! That's a foreshortened name! It's a nickname! It's TWO SYLLABLES!

I've received similar flak for the spelling of my middle name. I spell it wrong for my gender. Lee is apparently male and Leigh is female. I was kinda confused about my gender up to that point but thanks to you, dear spelling fiend, I've cleared that all up!

And why is it that when I use both my first and middle names together I get accused of being from Alabama? I bet people from Alabama don't find that funny in the Cletus? I often use my first and middle names on legal documents because my husband's stepmom is also Becky. Yes folks, we have the same name. She got the privilege of being a Rebecca, however. Imagine my surprise when our hospital records got mixed at one point and I'd learned I'd given birth to nine children. While Rebecca and Becky aren't differentiated, Becky and Becky Lee are for some reason. Go figure.

My parents weren't giving up on the name Brian. My little sister also enjoyed the amusement park that is my mom's uterus, had a faster heartbeat and she was going to get the name. Lacking a penis at birth as well, she was named Jill. syllable...started short and stayed short.

A Brian came into our family several years later when Jill decided to marry one. Brian likes to show people his socks.


Rebecca Leigh


  1. Hmmm. . I'd always heard that girls had faster heartbeats. Perhaps their doctor was confused.

    I'm Tammy. Not Tamera. Tammy. I get that same shit too.

  2. You know, with a name like Rebecca Leigh, you could have been a movie star. Talent wouldn't have been an issue. It's certainly not with Anna Nicole and Brooke Shields, so I imagine if you can read and stand on the dot, you'd do fine. But just plain ol' Becky Lee won't get you an audition. That's hardly fair!

    BUT...Becky Lee got you friends...

    That's probably worth more.

  3. My grandparents let my dad and his brother name their third kid. However, the parents interpreted their choices of Danny and Ricky as Daniel Richard. Smart move on my grandparents' part, farming out the naming—the first two kids had first or middle names like Jerome and Eugene. (Feh.)

    I would have been named Anthony if I'd had a penis. "Hey, Tony!"

  4. You got nothing on my oldest sister... her given name is Robbie. Oh, the military recruitment snail-spam was hot after her!

  5. I have a German friend whose parents thought was a girl before he was born... He was going to be named Brunhilde. When I think of that name I see a stocky heavy built woman in a costume from the Alps. *lol*
    Worst part was that his father so much wanted a girl he made my friend dress as Red Riding Hood for a carnival when he was five. He's still teased about that one...

    Luckily we don't abbreviate names here - we almost never use nicknames. So if you're Becky - I wouldn't dream of calling you Rebecca - it's two different names!
    And I'm just Guro - which sounds just like Guru - and I can’t complain about that... *lol*

  6. I know what you mean. My first name is Lesley and I keep getting told it's a boy's name and that Leslie is the girl's version (although I've also heard the reverse), go figure. I used to get mail as Mr. Lesley or Mrs. Leslie used to amuse me to no end.

  7. I love it!! And I hope it was more than a "few" years later that Jill married Brian...

    my sister was almost a Christy/Kristin but then the woman in the next bed named her daughter Kristin, so my mom went with Julie. Then came me, I'm Lisa (hi, nice to meet you Rebecky!). So growing up, my best friend was a Julie, whose older sister was christy. I always thought how weird it would have been if we had been two sets of Julie/Christy sisters...also, fast forward about 20 years, and the woman who stole my sister's christ-derivative name married my mother's step son. Well. That's a small town for ya. I sure as hell hope you cared. If not, I am sooo sorry. Little bit locquacious today...

  8. Becky Lee is a wonderful name!

    My parents were going to name me Bunny! (well, my mother, at least.)

  9. I was supposed to be Stephen.
    NOT Steven.
    Then it was going to be Stephanie (Mom was very obsessed with Stephen).
    Dad was quicker on the draw (actually, Mom was still passed out from the c-section)and told the nurse to name me:
    NOT Christina.
    well .... I prefer TINA.


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