Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yeast Inflection

Today is Baking Day! Behold the relatively boring bread making post below.

Bread is my job for the two Thanksgiving dinners that my family has been blessed to be invited to. This year I have to bake for four dozen plus people. (Insert "YAR!" here.) Grandma's dinner is in the afternoon and my Mom's dinner is in the evening.

I'm varying the breads this year from straight dinner rolls. Mixing in the breadmaker now is dough for loaves of honey wheat bread. After this two loaves of straight white. (I don't bake in the breadmaker, just mix and proof.) Add to this a couple loaves of banana bread. Then I'll be trying a recipe passed down from my paternal grandmother for a sweet dinner roll baked in muffin tins. Then....I make the dough for dinner rolls.

This dough (dough? The stuff is goo) is proofed overnight in the refrigerator. That's why I mix it late in the evening. I shape it in the morning, let it rise and bake it. The rolls on the edge closest to the back of the oven are my breakfast tomorrow.

I also have to fold laundry. To look at laundry glass half full...I'm awfully glad I don't have to fold laundry for four dozen plus people.

At this point you can insert all the kneading and dough and bun baking double entendres here. PLEASE liven up my day and give me your best double entendre in my comments.


  1. Yea, I'd go to Walmart and buy some packages of ready-made rolls.

    But hey, if you can do it, good for you!

  2. I have visions of you and Justin in a Demi Moore type position using goo-dough instead of clay...oh mold those luscious gooey loaves....OOOOOOHHHH MYYY LOVEEEEE.....MY DARLINGGGGG, I HUNGGERRR FORRRR YOURRR BREAADDDDDD....

  3. You're never gonna get back into those jeans if you keep putting buns in your oven!

  4. Aw, crap, I missed my chance at entendres! And I bet we were in the same county today--I was in Springville. Hope you guys had/are having a great holiday weekend.


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