Friday, December 09, 2005

Pedialyte Ho!

My six year old woke up this morning horkin. Let's pronounce hork properly. Get a phlegm wad in the back of your throat and really force out your breath when you enunciate the H sound. Then over pronunciate the K. Ready? guguuugurgleHHHHHHHHoorrrrKah. Again...very good.

So, since I was up since 4 a.m., I did a little sewing in between kid horks. 5 a.m is an excellent time to drape fabric off your dressmaker's dummy. Dressmaker's dummies never hork.


  1. Sewing at FIVE am? Oh my! Of course your dress making dumby wasn't horking. She was STILL sleeping. Even if the kids weren't, lol!

    Very funny.

  2. Kid sick? Bad food? What color was it?


  3. Pedialyte, a good thing. Have not experienced the "horkin" yet. Just the other end.


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