Tuesday, December 06, 2005


There is some notion men like sports on TV. I suppose this is true. I have no idea if there are going to be sports on TV tonight but I do know what IS on TV tonight. I further know that many men will be glued to their boob tubes for this program.

Yup, you know what I'm tawkin'bout. It's the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 10/9 central on CBS.

People sure are interested in underwear these days. I'll even admit to owning a couple pair. Sometimes I even wash them. Sometimes I even try to sew my son's underwear.

Who doesn't own underwear? You don't? You lie! The Fruit of the Loom apple man is going to stalk you now. Underwear ain't a rare commodity dear...someday you'll get a pair in your happy meal.

Underwear has been around as long as there have been people. Everyone is very concerned with covering their bits in one way or another. Despite the freedom and convenience of the fig leaf, us human's have creatively evolved and that includes our intimate apparel.

We make underwear that covers up near everything...

We make underwear that covers next to nothing. (Seriously, where do you put your skidmarks in these?)

We've stuffed our bits into our dainties, hoping for that boost in animal attraction... growwwwllllll...

And, we wear our underwear in the hopes of having good hygiene and as a defense against univited guests.

Underwear goes everywhere we go. Hopefully it's comfortable.

We even manage to force our underwear on the unassuming naked.

I do rather like the Victoria's Secret Fashion show but not because of the underoos. I like it because of the big wings on the angels. They make me salivate. You ask, why all this posting about underwear? I do have a reason besides VS...


It's only a month after Halloween. I found it in my sewing storage closet underneath the yellow silk flowers and the fuzzy green and yellow yarn. Pictures of what I intended to wear for Halloween coming.


  1. lol....that's hilarious. I'm at a loss for words.

  2. Now some people have not business wearing a thong, lol! Very funny post.

  3. We have a Wearable Arts show every year here in NZ; one of the categories is the Bizarre Bra - that spiky bra pictured is kinda like what you'd see in the Bizarre Bra section...

  4. I like your costume under construction.

  5. I love that big ol' lady with the thong on. That's freakin' hilarious. great post Becky :)

  6. I like the spiky bra myself.

    Kinky ..... ;)

    (BTW ~ I tagged you!)

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the show tonight. And great post.

  8. The show was last night, Dec 6th. I have no idea what's on TV tonight.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished fairy...I'm telling you, if I'm skinny enough to handle giving you my measurements by August or so, I'm commissioning you to make me a fairy...or just a costume, if you're fresh out of gay man-fixins. ;)

  10. AMHW... you inspire me! Someday I will blog about cool things like underwears. Seriously, Mr.Dadguy has told me he's tired of reading about our kids on my blog, and I KNOW he like the sexies.... hmmm.... underwear.

  11. Did I mention that the Salt Lake CBS affiliate did not air the VS Fashion Show? Bastards! They aired some kind of female empowerment awards program.

    The only wings in that show came from the syrup drenched maxi pads that seemed to be in abundance.

    I'm awful tired of the term "strong woman". What the hell is that supposed to mean? My feminine spot in the world is validated because I deign myself as a "strong woman"? I think we can all agree that weak people in general suck. Declaring yourself a strong woman isn't as impressive as you think it is, sistah.

  12. ROTFL...I love this post!!

    And you gave equal opportunity to men, women, and animals in your discussion!!!

  13. I so need a diaper like that for my dog.

  14. OK I do own some underpants but I don't wear them...only to the gym and as things have been going I have not worn them in a long time as well.

    interesting version with the built-in johnson.

  15. VS sends out coupons for free underwear every so often. I go in, get my free pair and nothing else because well, who really can afford spending their entire income solely on underthings. though the colors of my underwear are limited to black, ivory, nude or white.

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