Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gimme that Old Time Religion...It's Good Enuff Fer Me!

A comment I received today on one of my earliest posts has caused me to suffer from many deep thoughts in the last hour. Deep thinking is rather painful. It also makes me thirsty. I might also be constipated...

The comment was made about my August 31st post where I made my one and only comment I will ever have about the LDS church (Mormon) in my blog. Since I vowed not to discuss the Mormon church or my neutral feelings about it, I believe I'll spew on about faith and the spiritual path. Take this as you will, but don't take it as absolute. This is my blog and so it's chock full of my opinions!

I personally believe that we are put on this planet, with all our imperfections and the gift of free will, to learn what you cannot learn in the love and perfection of God's presence. I also believe we are sent here choosing (influenced by God's omnipotence) some of the things we'd like to experience and therefore learn while we are Earth-bound. For these two reasons (and some others) I find it infathomable that one lifestyle, or one value system, can truly encompass all of God's will and compassion. While I have nothing against the premise of organized religion or the function it has in faith, I do not believe it is for everyone. I do not believe that that our saving grace comes out of simple faith in God, or that Jesus is the savior, or any other pat belief...but it comes in intentions and in a person's body of work.

These thoughts come on top of some timely Utah news stories. One being theater owner Larry Miller's decision to pull the movie "Brokeback Mountain" out of his establishments without comment. The other being the recent debate and bill in the Utah state senate trying to limit the definition of extra curricular clubs so that it's legal to ban gay/straight clubs on high school campuses. It's predisposed, because this is Utah, that this is a religious issue.

My commentary isn't aimed at Utah or Mormons in particular. I find that rigidness in faith, compassion and the gift of free will is an abomination in and of itself. Most of us do the best with what we've got. Our bests are relative.

I was once sharing a story of a person I know who was struggling with difficult lifestyle choices with a woman to whom faith came particularly easy. She was astonished at my acquaintance's struggles and replied to the story with, "But doesn't she know about the church?" Well yes...she does know about the church...but that doesn't mean that her spiritual path will be the same as your own, nor should it be. Your path won't heal her even though it's valuable and valid. Trying to explain this to my astonished friend made it readily apparent in my mind what her struggles were.

The cherry on top of all this talk of God and free will and learning is the disconcerting revelation that...oh pray for them...Brad-Gelina is having a baby. I'll leave it to Larry Miller to quietly pull it out of his theaters.


  1. Jill the favorite sis1/12/2006 8:48 AM

    Being from Utah, I a Salt lake City newspaper. There was a letter to the editor yesterday that was written in total sarcasm. It said that if he or his children would go to see this movie they would definately become gay. Then he mentions the other movies playing at the theaters that are full of murder, drugs and alcohol. He syas that when him and his children get high and drunk and go murder people, being gay would be the least of their problems. I would personally like to see the movie to see what all the fuss is about, but their is only a couple of theaters in Utah that are showing it, so I guess I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

  2. Now y'know that I have never lurked on yer site (free and easy with what I gotta say), but since it's delurking week in blogdom here I am.

    This is not a post that I normally respond to... the old "politics and religion" thing. Especially since I am actively LDS. I think it's sorta funny that some of my favorite reads are y'all, Dooce and Nytro... and you can trust me when I say I am not reading because I am trying to reactivate or "save" ya! I just like to laugh.

    Ummmm... I think God loves us, ALL of us. An interesting quote I sure wish I could find was Joseph Smith responding to one or another of his Protestant "Christian" detractors. He said something to the effect that while this other cat believed that his (JS's) soul was consigned to the depths of hell, he (JS) was perfectly comfortable believing the the other guy could end up in heaven as easily as himself.

    I am sad that so many folks seem to forget that the early church bretheren regularly opened up church buildings for preachers of other faiths to hold services in... and by folks I mean members of the LDS church.

  3. well said, becky. much more eloquent than my rant on the subject. but, every now and then i just like to yell FUCK... so there you have it.

    benny and i were talking about the whole gay rights thing. we both have uncles who are gay and who we love unconditionally. we started talking about how it is possible that a "leader" like our president and this chris buttars could in good conscience say the things he is saying about homosexuality. but then, we started to think about how african-americans were persecuted and how that alabama governor refused to allow the schools to desegregate. 40 years from now, our kids and grandkids will ask us why it was a such a big deal, because they won't understand how people could be so hateful and think it was okay. i pray that day comes sooner than the 40 years.

    by the way, my new favorite show? the book of daniel.

    you mean to tell me that a man of god has imperfections? the SHAME!

  4. (This is an edited comment, editing requested by commenter.)

    Bo said:

    Each time I hear of censorship aimed at homosexuality, I turn on my rusty mind and see if I can figure out some form of reasoning that makes it logical or plausible. Guess what? Uhhh....(insert sound of buzzer here) Doesn't work.

    The sad thing is that you can't ever CHANGE the guy who's doing the censoring, and if he has children, he's simply perpetuating another generation of haters. THAT'S the true sin, isn't it?

    Family values in our society have hit the toilet. Two loving gay parents beat the hell out of a crack addict and an alcoholic beating their hungry kid who hides the bruises under long sleeved shirts.

  5. Well said Becky. You did a great job of expressing your spirituality without beating your readers with religion. Something sorrowfully missing from America today. I too believe in God, but can't imagine in a million years that there are separate entities for each religion or that one religion has it over all the others. Now, back to your silly stuff, huh? Kidding. Do what you have to.

  6. Deep thinking is what keeps me so tormented and invigorated!!

    Great Post! You are as witty as always.

  7. "deep Thoughts" Remmeber that skit from SNL!! I loved it! Deep thought, they usually get m ein trouble! lol

    I really liked your relgious ideas, i agree with lots of them :)

  8. Another x-Morman? Don't say anything, I'm just guessing. I know a few of them and do they go on...That's O.K. I'm x-Ass. of God.(how i luv to abbreviate Assembly). I don't have any thing to do w/religion at the moment except discussing it. came over here from Barbaras' site.

  9. Hi, Becky. You just earned yourself a bookmark. And a place in my sidebar links, if that's ok. Still looking around here, looks like there are lot of fun and interesting posts.


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