Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Look Mom, No Cavities!

Justin and I have a long tradition of pointing out attractive members of the opposite sex to each other. Right as I was deciding how to present this little habit of ours to you, my dear readers and other hangers on, my darling husband was ever so considerate as to point out a rather built kickboxer on TV. (I guess it was kickboxing, I dunno! I don't watch this stuff!) He took me on a kickboxer-stud-body tour. I appreciated the broad shoulders, the shining chest, the belly that hadn't quite hardened into six pack abs and finally, the thighs. Oh God his thighs! So sturdy and twitching with testosterone! Six foot five inches of ex NFL loveliness that could be completely covered with my saliva...

Justin is awful sweet to me.

I gladly point out the finer aspects of women to Justin. If this happens to be in public I'll say, "Justin, that lady has a really nice smile!" This loosely translates to, "Check out her rack!"

When it's on TV and the boys are finally sleeping I don't have to be quite the coquette.

Last night, for example... I throw our latest Netflix selection, "Prozac Nation", into the bedroom DVD, snuggle into bed next to a sleepy husband and in no time I'm presented with a bare nekkid Christina Ricci. I throw my arm behind me and shove Justin's butt. "There's Christina Ricci's TITS!" Justin rouses and gawks. Christina's jublies are the highpoint of a really suck-tacular movie.

I've seen Christina Ricci pour herself into roles. This requires a myriad of haircolors. While I prefer her a dark walnut brunette, Justin prefers her topless.

Oh Christina Ricci, you Casper groping tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. She's got skin I'd kill for.

Hey...Nice Smile.


  1. a couple of years back benny and i were watching the worst show on tv (elimidate) and he dozed off before i did. i myself was just starting to doze off with the tv on when one of the girls on the show said something to the effect of: "it was like a complete lesbionic experience". benny - who i thought had been sleeping soundly - popped up in bed like there was a fire in the house.

    "did she just say something about lesbians going at it?"

    ah... my husband. the dirt bag.

  2. hey!
    Dadguy and I do this too, 'cept my taste in men is so ecclectic he doesn't even try (though he DID lurkingly catch my comment in regards to a nekkid Nathan Fillian to one of your posts ... he tried HARD to find me a poster for Christmas!). We are always happy to point out to each other the great sets. He recently started a blog of his own and made sure to use the most bodacious pic of a WoW chick. That was for my benefit as I am his lone reader. I love that man!

  3. Nice smile, indeed. She is so very pretty.

    The hubby and I do the same thing. It was very interesting on our honey moon in Cancun. Tons of toples/naked people everywhere!

  4. My husband and I do this yet he is still a little shy sbout admitting to the hotties, probably because I have declared Jessica Alba as my nemises

  5. If my husband and i did that, we'd both have black eyes. EVERY DAY.

  6. Uh huh, very nice smile. With the translation, right?

  7. It's seems a common practice. We do that same thing. Only, I don't use any tact whatsoever, even in public. I tell my Hubby, "Honey look, that babe is built! Huh?" It's usually followed by a "Damn, she's got a big ass though." LOL, just kidding.

  8. I know a guy whose wife always points out a nice set of boobs. But he says he has invariably already noticed every pair of boobs before she points them out.

    My husband doesn't much point out the hot men for me (I can find them on my own, thankyouverymuch), and I don't need to point out the boobies to him, because, obviously, his eyes get there first. I always like the shared eyebrow-raise when two people pass something ridiculous or stunning on the sidewalk...

  9. Hey Becky,
    we do this too! It's much more fun to admit attraction than to hide it. Inspiring at times. Why don't you put together a Christina Ricci costume for hubby next year?

  10. We once almost wrecked because I pointed out some smokin' hot hottie to Cameron. Then I had to yell at him for looking...

  11. Ricci is the strangest womanchild. I mean, she looks like an 8 year old with tits, (which shouldn't be sexy) but you're right about the skin. I like the dark brunette version as in Sleepy Hollow.

    That's too bad Prozac Nation was so sucktastic. The book was very enlightening about depression and that early nineties era. She was the brilliant young woman with no passion to live, but so snarky. Her attitude was a howl.


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