Friday, January 13, 2006


There are many topics swirling around in my little brain this morning that I was fully intending to blog about but I can't seem to start. My problem is that I haven't been able to open this post with a sentence that any normal English speaker would want to read. That being said, I'll list the topics that are taking up space in my head, rent free.

1. Mom jeans. Muffin top low rider jeans. Why? Why not? How to prevent panty lines wearing either variety!

2. Should the government make it more difficult to obtain a divorce or just more difficult to get married in the first place? Can I blame the government for the failure or success of any of my personal relationships and if I succeed, will someone give me money?

3. What should I wear to the Oscars?

4. Last night's episode of CSI featured infantilism. I get emails to my costume business inquiring about custom sewing size 42 layettes in darling rubber ducky fabrics. Should I expect more emails and will I be an accessory to homicide?

5. George Dubya Bush is a twat.

If any of you dear readers and other hangers on want to comment on the above items, please do so. I'm told that in blog-land this week is delurking week. I'm not forcing you...


  1. I believe you should wear the Carmen Miranda costume shown on the right! The
    Oscars will never know what hit them!

    Why are you announcing the obvious, re: George Dubya?

    I think there's massive money to be made in Size 42 layettes. MAKE 'EM! Just charge exhorbitant amounts of money. :D

  2. First off, What is delurking week? & why wasn't I informed?

    I think I know what infantilism is.Will look it up on the net when I get done here.

    politics & presidents. Best ignored. they are like the devil, if you think about them too much, you'll have nightmares.

    I like you posts, interesting.

  3. #2 - I don't think the government's role is as marriage councilor so I would say they should stay out of both. If they do anything, maybe a requirement that before either a couple has to be councilled by a qualified someone, if there is such a person. It always seems to me that some of the most screwed up people are those who council others.

    #3 - I like the French Maid's costume and will bet you it would be unique at the Oscars!

    From sunny, warm, Arizona.

  4. Is that why everyone is talking about delurking?

    Well, the marriage/divorce subject is very interesting, considering the rate of divorce and its impact on the meaning of marriage.

    I'm not sure what muffin top low riders are, but I'm always up for a discussion about thongs.

    If you need any comic drawings of Bush with a vagina for a head, I'd be happy to help.

    I don't know what you should wear to the Oscars, but the French Maid thing is really cute. If you send me other pictures, I'll tell you which outfit I like most.

  5. Jill the favorite sis1/13/2006 5:24 PM

    1- just don't wear undies, and I know you do that frequently.

    2- marriage, just move in together and then don't get any benefits from jobs or government that your live-in might get.

    3- I plan on wearing my Oscar the Grouch underwear. They have a big pic of Oscar across my rear and the words SCRAM all around the waistband.

    4- I have dreams about huge diapers full of crap, at least that is what my hubby says. So the last thing I want is my hubby dressing up as a baby. Changing my own crappy baby is plenty.

    5- Twat makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  6. cutterjohn19661/13/2006 5:48 PM

    "Get your finger out of my ear." You said leave a comment. I decided to leave one I *hopefully* won't need again. Any comment for me?

  7. Delurking here - and I recommend the thong for panty line avoidance. And the bonus: wearing a thong pretty much guarantees you'll get laid. Go figure.

  8. the government should have nothing to do with our relationships. marriage is not controlled by the government... which blows my mind that it controls allowing gays to get married.

    our country is fucked up.

    the state is even worse.

  9. I've been lurking around here for awhile and it's great reading... so I guess now's a good time to actually leave a mark.

    I saw that CSI episode. Creepy as hell. Why anyone would find diapers sexy is absolutely beyond me. I change wayyyy too many of those on my toddler as it is. All I can say "Potty training is coming! Potty training is coming!" At least that's what I hear I'm saying in my sleep.

  10. I love how you have exposed all the thoughts inside your brain at once!

    I always say that to live inside of my head for even one hour would drive someone to the point of insanity.

  11. 1. A resounding NO to mom jeans. It's a delicate balance between low enough to be comfy and just tight enough not to constantly ride down, but not so so low and tight that the dreaded muffin top results. In any event, long-enough shirts are key. My ass is not big enough for my jeans to cling tight enough to show panty lines. But I swear by the undies I buy a Target: three-packs of quasi-seamless undies, Gilligan & O'Malley brand, model number RN#17730. Available in black, nude, or assorted colors. The elastic is so gentle, I don't think any panty lines are gonna show.

    2. The government shouldn't make marriage or divorce more difficult. It should, however, take action to cut back on rampant stupidity.

    3. Going Ape costume, definitely.

    4. Yes, and no.

    5. If by "twat" you mean vagina, then no. If you mean it more figuratively, I agree.

  12. Make those grown baby outfits!!

    Marriage...I say make it harder to get married and divorce. Counseling before, and counseling if wanting a divorce. Divorce is devestating to everyone.

    Mom jeans, o there awful! Muffin Low riders....Thank GOD they are not in style anymore!

  13. 1. Low rider, but not too tight.

    2. How about offering "relationship services"? Nothing like the govt to add extra layers of bureaucracy... I know, I do it :)

    3. Either the Carmen Miranda jobbie, or something along the lines of The Emperor's New Clothes.

    4. Make the outfits, add a disclaimer

    5. Whole heartedly agree, as is his South Pacific cohort, John "If I don't like it, it's unAustralian" Howard.

  14. Let me know what you decide to wear to the oscars, I wouldnt want to show up in the same outfit and give Joan and Melissa a target. Or be featured in the "who wore it better" feature of a tabloid, I would be the one with no many accessories or too much cleavage. You would look marvalous of course.

  15. I once blogged about my distaste for George W and had a woman who I'd called friend for a while totally get huffy and offended and thank the Lord Almighty for him. I love God and all, but George W ain't God (someone please point this out to him). Anyhoo - I found your blog by following the link from Atai's and here I am - I like you, I really really like you *lol*


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