Friday, January 20, 2006

OMG Becky, Look at her BUTT!

On my last post Kathie commented on the non-squooshy-ness of my butt as I commented on her blog on it's squooshy-ness. (And then she squooshied and I squooshied and she knew I squooshied and I knew she knew I squooshied.)

At the moment I have a rather squooshy butt which isn't evident in my Carmen Miranda photo to the right. Why isn't it evident in that photo? Because that photo was taken before baby #3 came along.

I'm usually on the thin side. When I graduated highschool I weighed 105 lbs. at my towering 5'10". I could out-eat anyone I knew too. When I'm pregnant my body thinks "free for all!" and I put on the pounds. These pounds know where the living is easy and head straight to my posterior. This is my body's way of keeping me from tipping over on my face while pregnant. I lost weight easily after baby #1 and it took around 6 months with baby #2. In the five years between baby #2 and learning baby #3 was coming I maintained a pretty even 125-135 lbs. This is an excellent weight for me.

At the doctor's visit a few days before baby#3 showed up I weighed....drumroll...210 lbs. Yes folks, that's 80 lbs hanging tenaciously to my buttocks. My sweet baby (who is so sweet and sweet to the hilt and severely sugary) was seven months old yesterday and I've lost an amazing amount of weight but I still have a good portion hanging onto my butt. So, in conclusion, my butt is squooshy.

I'm an optimist. I'm also very creative. I'm also fairly practical. My butt can be utilized! One of my favorite periods in dress is the late victorian era. I want desperately to recreate this...

...and I won't even need to sew any bustle hoops!

Jill...dear little sister, do not even offer to show that photo of my butt on your camera phone. Have a nice day!


  1. Pregnancy seems to cause a lot of changes to a woman's body and many of them are pretty hard to return to the original form from. About 4 months after our first son was born, an acquaintance asked Annie if she was pregnant again! This proded Annie into beginning a life long association with Weight Watchers. She reduced her weight to 108 (5' 3" tall) and never again went over 135 except during her other pregnancy when it went up to around 145. After Mike's birth she weighed about the same as when she became pregnant. She liked Weight Watchers because she said it teaches you how to eat rwgular food. Too many diets help loose weight but you tend to gain it back when finished with the diet.

  2. women need curves...and a great butt is just one of those curves. this morning you had me thinking about your it's your ass I'm pondering....mmmm

  3. Oh Becky, you didn't mention that when I ask people to name the body part the picture is taken of, most people think it is your nine month pregger belly. But low and behold, it is your buttzilla!!

  4. Jill? How much is it worth? Seriously. I'm not kidding. I'll give you dollars. A bunch of them. And I won't even show other people. I just wanna see it for myself. I really do. I'll give you stuff. I'll babysit your kids if I ever come to your town (I'm a good babysitter and I won't hurt 'em or kidnap 'em cuz I don't want 'em permanently). But I'll give you $$$$$ FOR A PICTURES OF HER PREGNANT BUTTOCKS.

    I've seen Becky's non-pregnant buttocks. I even touched it! She touched mine. It was a touching moment (so to speak). I won't speak of it's squooshiness out of privacy to it's owner.

    Jill....we gotta talk.

  5. A creative optomist! My kind of person for the day.

    Your costumes are totally awesome! I love when you display them on your blog, big butt and all!

  6. Ahhh, but I didn't create this costume. It's original to time period. I don't think I'm that old!

  7. Clearly, you didnt know me in highschool, i put an all u could eat buffet place out of business!

    There is an old wife's tale that says you have to have an even number of kids to gain back your figure,,, maybe u should consider getting busy and going for #4!

    If not, and you figure out how to loss those unwanted pounds, let me know you secreat. I could stand to loss a bit of weight.


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