Friday, January 06, 2006

The Power of Christ Compels Me!

Why is it that Alka Seltzer is so entertaining to prepare and then so nasty to drink? Blech...

Yes Jill, I caught your cold! So did Justin. Every time I suck back snot I will be thinking of you.


I recently made note of a search term used to find my blog. I'm sorry dude, but you won't find "Sally Struthers naked picture" here. Do such photos exist?


I hit a new low yesterday. I am so ashamed of myself. I will offer no excuses for my behavior, or justifications. Rest assured I will be seeking a support group.

I watched "New York Minute" starring the Olsen twins on HBO because there was nothing else on daytime TV. (Except "Grease" and childbirth on Discovery health...)

It was Ashley and Mary Kate -a- licious. I want to buy black eyeliner.

I must log off now. It's time for my exorcism.


  1. Maybe you and I can go in together... two exorcisms for the price of one.

    you with the Mary Katy and Ashley
    me with the Disney Princesses

  2. Ha...we watched Grease.

  3. Baaaaa,
    That is not what I was expecting you to say. Don't be so hard on your absentminded won't even remember you watched it come tomorrow morn. Seriously, nothing like a good cheesy movie.

  4. I'm still trapped in the Lion King. We know ALL the words ....

    Get to feeling better.

  5. Re: Sally Struthers naked pics... GOD I hope none exist... I feel nauseous just thinking about it.
    Re: Olsen twins... you must be unwell. Grease is the word, man. ;)
    feel better.

  6. Hey, ya'll lay off Sally Struthers naked pics. She's included in my collection.

    Yuck, the Olsen twins? Wash both eyes out and call a doctor ASAP

  7. I warned the both of you when you came over that I had a cold. Brian has it too. HaHaHa!!! I knew I would get my revenge!

  8. Sally Struthers naked? Where?

  9. okay... so, i'll admit it here, and nowhere else: I. Love. Grease. I also love The Sound of Music.

    i, too, fell victim to the dark side when i watched New York Minute. this was also the same day that i blinded myself with a dull spoon so i would never have to see the twins again. ever. skinny little rich bitches.

    buy some goddamned food and eat it.

  10. The olsen twins are (Their legal now right?) Yummy! LOL Nice Blog!

  11. Well, look at it this way! It could have been a Paris Hilton minute!

  12. Oh sympathies, lol!

    I think I would have had to watch Danny and Sandy fly off in their car. lol


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