Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quote him? I barely know him!

Did my dear readers and other hangers on miss me? I'm baaaaaaccckkkk!!

For your post holiday enjoyment I offer a few quotes from my vacation into Utah County.

"My farts smell like cheese!"
-My son Alec, 6, in front of my parents.

"...and that's when I discovered I'd gotten my period."
-Becky AMHW, when relaying the story of how I lost my virginity to the Bored Housewife in a pool hall during a game of 8 ball.

"Guess which crevice this has been in!"
-Tonya, my sister Lisa's partner in life and evil, upon placing her finger under my nose for sniffin' on Christmas day.

"Toe jam!"
-Becky AMHW, replying to which crevice Tonya's finger had explored.

"Dad, you're a stinker!"
-Becky AMHW, reacting to my Dad taking my winning move in a game of Triominos.

"Alec, let the baby play with his own balls!"
-Justin, my partner in life and evil, when our middle son wouldn't leave the baby's new toy alone.

"Do you really have a boil on your ass?"
-Bored Housewife, in response when my husband offered up my bum for viewing and I mentioned I had a boil on it. No I don't have a boil on my ass. Wanna see?

"That one must be busted."
-Mike, my grown nephew, when the studfinder I'd received from my parents for Christmas beeped at him.

Happy New Year!


  1. Hee hee, very funny Becky. Happy New Year. I have a 5 year old boy who is just reaching the potty humour phase. Well, he's been there for a while but I'm just coming out of denial. Last night it was, "Daddy, I lost my balls!" Referring to his cannon balls for his little catapult but exclaiming it in such a plaintive wail that his dad started laughing. I was carrying coffee into the room, trying to sip the too hot stuff as I walked and sprayed it all over. My nine year old daughter was mortified at the general grossness of her family and tried to pretend it WAS NOT funny. But it was.

  2. Happy New Year and welcome back! You have been missed by your readers.

  3. Yes.

    (Oh, that's in answer to whether or not we wanna see).

    And you should really tell the rest of the virginity story!

  4. Happy New Year and welcome back!!

  5. Yeah Becky, tell your losing your virginity story, it is quite interesting!!!!

  6. But someone might tell OUR MOTHER Jill...

    Or she'll read it. Oh lord help us.

  7. How FUNNY! Ya just gotta loves quotes! I think the pool hall story my make an interesting post too, lol!

  8. Sounds like you have a very fun family! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  9. I love your familial discussions. Nothing funnier than terrorizing people with smelly crevice crap.

    Sounds like you and Bored had a great if you wouldn't.

  10. glad to have ya back!
    happy NEW YEAR!

  11. Holy crap those are funny!

    I can't get past the "my farts smell like cheese." So very funny!

  12. Real Life quotes tend to be waaaay more funny than anyting else....mainly because they are sooo unexpected. Love 'em! Glad you had fun this past week!


  13. must be something in the water. did you also notice all the houses in utah county that felt they needed to put up blow up christmas decorations on their front lawn to the point that you could not actually see the house. um... is that your house or a used car lot?


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