Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spock's Rocks

My little sister and I share a really fun hobby. We don't practice our hobby together as it's a private thing, but because of genetics we share it.

Yes, we pass kidney stones. (What were YOU thinking?)

I passed my most recent and largest stone last year, during my pregnancy. I was having a leisurely and relaxing constitutional when I felt something *pop*. Pregnant women pay a lot of attention to weird sensations "down there". When something pops you don't ignore it.

After seeing that I was still whole "down there", I checked the bowl. It was the size and shape of your typical Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernal. I figured my doc would want to see it so I spooned it out of the bowl with a ladel.

It surprised the heckfire out of me. I'd passed stones before with the usual amount of nausea and backache but this one was my largest and it popped out pain free! Apparently pregnancy dialates your urethra and thank god for that.

I hadn't realized that saving my stone could make me any money. It got sparkly when it dried! Captain Kirk sold his kidney stone for charity. The folks at are certainly known for buying fine collectibles and paid 25K for Shatner's stone. Jokes abound in the article. All I could come up with is that Shatner had trouble with dribbles.

So, if anyone has a buck and a half I'll sell you my kidney stone and give the proceeds to Diabetes. No word on if my little sister has a matching stone to sell.


  1. Ouch...That sounds painful...

    I am amazed how your good attitude allows you to put a face of humor to this.

    Thanks for your insightful comments on my blog.

  2. How fuuny! Man, if I past an Orville corn I'm sure the four corners of the earth would know it.....OUCH!

    I'd love to donate my buck fifty, no problem,, keep the stone, ok? LOL!

  3. ha! I think you should get a less painful hobby....

  4. Well the way you put it it sounds almost fun in an interesting kinda way. I'm almost tempted to send ya the buck fifty but my cheapness and my laziness outweighs my curiousity so I'll just have to grow one myself.

  5. Maybe a buck fifty for both of ya'lls. Check with her and see if she has one handy before I write the check.

  6. If your sister has one, i'll take 'em!
    Nothing like a matched set of kidney stone ear bobs!
    Priceless ....

  7. I'm wondering if I could squeeze out a log in the shape of George much do you suppose that would go for on Ebay?

  8. OH MY GOD! I cringed throughout the entire post. Pregnant or not, you have a serious pain threshold. And, your butt's not squishy as you indicated on my site...At least it doesn't look it in your costume photos!


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