Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There once was a girl, who had a little curl...

A friend and I were chatting this morning. Neither of us can figure out what to make for dinner.

As a housewife you should prepare wholesome, balanced, healthy, seven course meals for your family nightly. Should is the key word here. Sometimes two courses, one of them a frozen and heat gourmet treat and the other fresh out of the can, is all I'm schlepping on the table.

My friend is preparing a lovely meatloaf for her horde. My boys won't eat meatloaf. Meatloaf looks nothing like Burger King cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets...therefore meatloaf should not even be looked at much less tasted. I have to force them with threats of death to eat the nice meatloaf. She mentions that she leaves out the onions in her meatloaf because the kids always know that they are there and won't eat it. She doesn't want to find slabs of oniony meatloaf hidden in unassuming spots around her house.

Last night I did manage a delicious homecooked meal. I schlepped together chicken fajitas on homemade tortillas. Chicken fajitas, as well they should be, are made all the more fajita-like with peppers and onions. My boys left little piles of uneaten carmelized onions on their plates. Never mind that they already got the full flavor of the onions in the chicken, just don't make 'em eat the rest of the oniony evidence! I might have forced them to eat the onions if they had any sort of nutritional value.

My dad was tricky when it came to getting his kids to eat their onions. He would explain that if I ate my onions I'd grow hair on my chest. Dad has glorious, copious and fluffy hair on his chest! What little girl doesn't want a chest full of hair like daddy's? I happily snarfed up my onions.

I'll leave you wondering if it worked or not.

PS...My two older boys won't eat onions and my baby wants to eat what's in the cat's dishes. What's up with that?


  1. I have no doubt that someone is crying, "WHO'S MY DADDY????" nearly every night to that hotty in the picture!

    You always tell your children that what they're eating is out of a can.

    NO it's not homemade! It's Chef Boyardee's Beanie Weenies!

  2. Ahhhhh crud... is that who I think it is but really shoudn't KNOW who it is? Bleh!

    Aaaaand I am the queen of what is known in the House of the Mama as "chubby noodles and sprinkle cheese." aka. rigatoni slicked up with a bit of butter, garlic salt and parmesian cheese to taste right out of the dadgum can! Boiled or roasted chicken. Heat up some frozen veggies (which according to my SIL getting her Masters in nutrition is as, if not more, packed with vitamins and minerals than the "fresh" stuff ya get at the grocery store) grab a hunk of fruit and the omnipresent popcorn and THERE YA GO! You may feel free to critcise but I challenge ANYONE to cook for my freaky-deaky clan.

  3. I'm lucky if I remember to cook for myself at night much less any rugrats I might spawn in the future :-)

    You are nicer than my parents...I had to eat everything on my plate regardless.


  4. How funny. That must have been in the Dad handbook..."eat it, it will put hair on your chest." I just remember thinking, "REALLY?" lol.

    I have to laugh, it didn't even work for my brother, lol.

  5. I love cooking with onions. If someone doesn't like the onions, they have to look really hard to find them as they're cut really small (unless I'm doing fajitas).

  6. Big_Ed, are those your balls?

  7. My babysitter used to tell me the same thing about eating my crusts. Now that I have all the chest hair I could ever need, I don't want it. I'm still not sure why her telling my sister crusts gave you chest on her hair actually motivated her to eat it. Anyway, speaking of fajitas, a fun/easy recipe for a snack is to slice up some mangos, stick those in between two flatbreads with some brie cheese and pop them in the oven for ten minutes on 350 degrees. It sounds weird but it tastes good!


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