Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why the IRS can kiss my patoot.

Last night Justin and I were practicing a little marital maintenance. Fine, I'll come right out and say it. We were...uh...doin' it...and it was lovely and very romantic.

It was during the early portions of last night's marital maintenance that my husband blurts out something so out there that it made us both pause. I won't relay what he said, but it was innocent and completely unrelated to our current activity. We both laughed uproariously about this breech in nookie etiquette. Marriage is funny.

Justin isn't the first in our marriage to have done this. I've done it. I've done it so much worse...

I've learned long ago that the horizontal hokey pokey puts my brain in a state of limbo. Thoughts pop up at lightning fast speeds that have nothing to do with what my body is completely enjoying. It's not that I'm bored. It's rather that I'm too entertained! I can give voice to these thoughts or I can shove my head somewhere and not speak at all.

So...when you are enthusiastically trying to exchange bodily fluids it's best not to ask about how much your tax return will I did several years ago.

Kills the mood.


  1. when we do maintenance on Sunday we call it "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy."

    before we had kids we used to be holier.

    I'm taggin' y'all for a meme... ignore it if you hate memes.

  2. I've blurted something so hilarious right before the finish line that I too, still laugh today about it.

  3. "Marital Maintenance" it!

  4. that is so funny...once a woman I dated said...why right after we had sex you aked me if I saw Star Tek last night?

    it was our last encounter...maybe I wasn't into it or she wasn't happy about talking TV during the "afterglow"

    great post Becky

  5. I did NOT read yours before I posted mine! I swear!

  6. been there... done that. we call these faux pas top 10's... as benny and i both have about 5 of those in our time together.

  7. That is SO true, LOL!! Marriage is funny and your brain does do weird things.

    I've done the exact same thing, WHY? I would be so consumed with what we were doing and actually out of breath and ask something ridiculous! The Hubbs answer to everything in those cases is ALWAYS...."I don't know!" lol

    Great post!


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