Friday, February 24, 2006

All the cops in the donut shop say...

You know why I'm Mother of the year? (No, not MILF of the year, perverts) It's because I created a totally kickass volcano cake for my son's twelfth birthday, complete with "smoke".

I told my son that on his sixteenth birday I'll just ice the cake with vanilla icing, sprinkle pink sugar on it and call it "pimple cake".

I remember my twelfth birthday. Judy Blume tells us that life begins at twelve. You blow out your birthday candles and suddenly you begin your period and sprout funny hairs. I received my first bra on my twelfth birthday. AA cups, little pink bow in the middle. More straps than cups.

My best friend and I decided, in the midst of our boycraziness, to create a time capsule celebrating our puberties. Included were super secret confessions of the boys we obsessed over, an audio tape of us singing "Walk Like an Egyptian" and my first bra. We carefully sealed these treasures in a cookie tin and buried it in the vacant lot behind my neighbor's house for time and all eternity.

Or at least until 6 or 7 years ago. There is a house built on the lot now. I wonder if they ever dug up our time capsule? And if so, can I get the audio tape back? We so ROCKED.


  1. That is the coolest cake ever. Please share your secret. My kiddo would go nuts over that for his birthday this summer. I bow before your skill.


  2. A great cake! Almost a shame to have to cut into it.

    That is a great story about growing up. Is Judy Blume still popular with young girls? My oldest grand daughter will be nine next month so she isn't too far from being of an age to benefit from Ms. Blume's stories.

  3. Now see?... you got yerself some AWESOME skilz that surpass even your fart story telling skilz.

  4. hah! that is absolutely brilliant. Can you imagine the expression on the faces of the builders?
    "hold on lads - there's something down there."
    "what's that?"
    "It looks like....a bra!!!"

  5. I showed your cake to my daughter who went through a volcano phase this past summer. She wants to know how you make it smoke. Very cool. And I love the time capsule story... you never forget that first bra.

  6. I built the cake around a glass jar...laying slabs of chocolate cake up against the jar, then poking skewers through it so it stays in place. I slapped a little chocolate icing here and there and used red sugar for lava. I put chopped up almond chocolate bar about for rocks. Then Ferrero Rocher candy for boulders. Put a little hot water in the jar and a small piece of dry ice and you have smoke! It's awesome!

  7. That cake ROCKS!!!!!

    I tried to be "creative" for The Boy's b-day last week; I frosted the cake to look like green Army Camo.
    He LOVED it!

  8. Hey Becky,

    I came over from Dick's site. Great cake. We just celebrated my oldest daughter's Sweet 16 and my sis-in-law did a great job ob her cake. We had an Hawaiian theme. I have pics of it on my site. Feel free to check them out.

    Mind if I link you up?

  9. Very cool cake.

    On my 12th b-day I got a new shirt, and my family made me try it on right there at the table. As I was trying it on I heard, "oh someone needs a bra."

    I have blocked who said this truamatic comment, I was so embarrassed. I don't think I had noticed at that point that I was starting to get breasteses.


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