Monday, February 13, 2006

Do you know what's awesome?

...heading to the casino with a twenty and two five dollar bills to have a mini vacation from two of your three sons, playing with that money on one particular penny slot machine for over two hours and finally deciding to leave when you hit a $440 jackpot. That's what's awesome.


...deciding not to cook and using your winnings to take the family to buffet. Then you learn that all four of your buffet meals have been comped. That's what's awesome.


...talking to a 50ish woman during dinner who admired my baby. She was wearing a red and black leather studded jacket with matching miniskirt and red low boots. She was sporting a rather choppy grey mohawk in which she enhanced with a tattoo at the back of her head. She also had grown a tail behind her right ear which was so long she could sit on it. I wish I had my camera because she knew what she looked like and loved every second of it and that's what's awesome.

Parts of that lady live in me. I don't have urges to go punk rocker, but I have dark gothy urges that I sometimes explore. You'd never think that the nice housewife at the buffet wearing the sage green cashmere sweater was a lil freak would'ya?


  1. You have a very sensible approach to playing slot machines. Decide how much money you will spend for "entertainment" and quit when you reach that level. You also are a real winner by being able to quit while ahead!

    I love that photo of you. It and the French maid costume one are my favorites. You write a great blog - keep it up!

  2. Yup, I would certainly describe all of those things as awesome. I would also add sitting down at a pub table and wondering where the hell everyone else has got to. Just as you are about to drain your pint and leave, in walks the person in your group you have never had much time for. You sit down again - you can't leave now, it looks like its just the pair of you. You sideline the long interesting chat you where expecting, resigning yourself to a conversation og "so....hows Uni? What are you studying, again?"
    And then you quietly realise that you are having a great time and that they are really worth talking to.
    Another awesome thing.
    P.S. Cool picture. V. cool.

  3. That is awesome! I am going to Vegas on Wednesday! I hope I win something, or at least get comps!!

  4. I must say it...THAT FUCKING ROCKS!!!!! All of it, start to finish. That is so freakishly cool, that I just shivered. (cool-shivered, get it? dur.)

    Seriously awesome.

    Regarding your last post: I would call you Miss Oleo in a heartbeat--and it might even have something to do with the fact that my soul loves butter. Even the fake shit'll do!

  5. Man, that was awesome! I think we all have a little freaky in us.

  6. GIMME $400! GIMME!

    Ya, that's what I thought, but I figured I'd try.

  7. My favorite kind of folks...

  8. Hey Becky, about that loan I need?....


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