Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Electric Pussyland

In my previous post I realized that the description of my cat can be taken as a bigotted slur. I'll quote myself so you don't have to scroll down. You may thank me for saving you some scroll wheel carpal tunnel.

"Putting the couches in different spots has confused my cat. I don't expect much out of him, he's a dumb gay cat."

The slur presented here is that I claim my cat is dumb. He could very well be a very intelligent cat but he's so lazy who'd know? I've insulted the dumb folk out there. I apologize for that.

Saying that my cat is gay isn't a slur. That's undisputed truth. My tomcat likes other tomcats. He likes likes tomcats. All last week he yowled by the sliding glass door in the middle of the night because his favorite siamese boyfriend was prancing about our backyard. No, I'm not letting you out you dumb cat, you'll wake the neighbors and then they'll throw their beer cans in the backyard.


Yesterday I got a wild hair and rearranged my furniture. All by myself. I've got muscles...grrr!

When you rearrange the furniture and all the damned things that require electricity, you have to carefully plan where to put your decor. Proximity to outlets is of the upmost priority. Afterall, you can't watch The Price is Right when you haven't got an outlet to plug the TV into.

You can't just plug in the TV either. You have to plug in the VCR, DVD, Direct TV receiver, the surround sound system and a lamp. This is why it's necessary for the conscientious housewife to have several of February's Bestest Housewifely Doodad.

The powerstrip.

Note the three prong receivers. Two prong receivers are for wimps.

I've coddled my inexpensive Wallyworld variety electronics with surge protection as well as extended my electrical outlet oomph! (Hey now, no "A Christmas Story" words of warning! I won't plug in too much stuff at once! I have batteries for the really important appliances.)

Powerstrips come in several bland colors, load capabilities and price ranges. Mine have little hooky thingies on the back so I can hang them securely on my wall. This makes plugging stuff in behind furniture a little less headachey.

Thank you powerstrip, I like you, I really like you.


  1. Not true! my sister has electric orange see-through ones which glow in the dark with lots of LED's!

  2. That's what I need...powerstrips that will attract my children. :D

  3. My cat is a neutered female & I think I'd describe her more as asexual. She gets excited about any cat she sees outside but from her growling I think she is thinking more about fighting than loving! She actually seems to like dogs better than other cats.

    Power strips are a necessity in a modern home. It is a good thing that most computer & video equipment doesn't use a lot of power so we usually don't overload them. But I wish the power blocks you often have to plug into the strip came with a little short cord to actually plug in. My strips tend to run out of space with those darn blocks often covering two or three of your favorite 3-prong receivers cutting in half the number of things you can plug in!

  4. I know a thing or two about gay pets. One of my female cats and my female dog (both spayed) have this very, very strange interspecies homosexual relationship. I guess true love knows no boundaries of species.

  5. I think your cat is adorable and sounds like he's a little "special", too. I was gonna crack some joke about Brokeback Mountain cats but that's probably overdone LOL.

  6. When I was growing up, our dog Abby had a thing for pillows. Never met a pillow she wouldn't hump. Yes, my sister and I always knew how to torment our slumber-party guests. Somebody's pillow always got taken out of commission.

  7. you've got yourself a regular BrokeCat Mountain, don't you?

  8. I can always count on a laugh or at least a grin when I come here! After todays girlee-drama, I NEEDED that! Thanks.

  9. Hi Becky :-) Just wanted to say that I followed your link from WWdN:IX to check out your blog, and that I'm really glad that I did. I enjoyed reading yours just as much as I enjoy reading Wil's, you are one heck of a writer, chica!!

    I have 2 very lame attempts of what should be considered blogs, but they're more or less just me bitching and moaning all the time about the stupid things that summarize my life. Oh well, we all can't be as good as you and Wil!

    Thanks for the great read, I have a feeling I'll be stopping by yours more often :-)!!

  10. I have no witty comments to make except for that my friends think their cat is a gay chef. Named Mr. Toggins. Or something like that.

  11. Love your cat story. Nothing wrong with a gay mean happy, right? least he knows what he wants. The only thing I'm not sure of is the abusive way you've decorated your kitty...glad I won't be there when you yank them from his fur.

  12. The stickers? That is what my child and the neighbor child did to my cat.

  13. ... this has nothin' at all to do with this particular blog entry, but ... lemme know next time your legs need shavin' ...


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