Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Got Nothin'

I've been revamping my costume site. I'm fairly sure the details of this process are just about as exciting as me trying to tell you in my January 26th post about cleaning and reorganizing my sewing areas. When you clean and reorganize a website there is a lot less dusting involved. Also, you don't spill your sewing pins on the floor.

All of you except Mike scored very low yesterday's pop quiz because Mike is the only one that took it. Shame! Mike gets an A. Your homework is to go to the library and find a book that will explain puberty to preteens and read it thoroughly. No, you may not stop by the shelf of National Geographics and giggle at the tribe-women's toplessness. Book reports are due a week from today. Extra points if you can work in the word "knockers" five times.

Would someone stop Kevin Federline from breeding please? Forshizzle.

Here, have a kitten.


  1. omigosh!
    funniest pix!

    I'm delurking today.

    The Pup

  2. That's one funny looking pussy!

    (Are you sure it wasn't supposed to be part of your anatomy post?)

  3. 0That is one freaky-ass picture! Where do you find those.

    How hard do you think it would be for a complete sewing novice to sew a jane austin period dress?

  4. Hows this for a angst-creating sibling insult from an older brother to a pubescently "worried" twelve-year-old sister, lobbed indirectly across the dinner table?
    "Dad - what made you say that? The Great Salt lake in the corner said that five minutes ago!

  5. Holy crap! I get an "A"?? I knew I was smart dammit! I'm pretty sure I have just became the teacher's pet?

  6. That is an interesting cat. It's a lot different from my Huggy. Maybe it is from Australia - they really have some different animals down there.

    One of the things I like about your blog is the variety of subjects you bring up! A good reason to keep coming back is to see what Becky is up to next. I love it. Keep it up!


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