Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Midol Anyone?

Fair warning...I'm PMS-y and I'm not happy about it.

It's a good thing I'm regular to a fault. I at least recognize my crankiness for what it is rather than blame it on the unsuspecting and mostly innocent.

The worse PMS I ever suffered (or made everyone suffer) occurred when I was 17 and we were on a family vacation. All in all it was a very relaxing vacation! Dad, Mom, lil sis and I took a road trip with the RV up through Idaho, onto Montana and then into Canada. We took our time and if we wanted to stop and see something we did. We got opals in Idaho, buffalo jerky in Montana, cooties at every KOA...and I picked up a nasty case of PMS in Canada.

I'm not blaming Canadians. I could, but I'm not.

My Dad, oh poor naive parent, told me to stop being so cranky. That wasn't met with any sort of gratitude on my part. I took that Hallmark moment to loudly blame Dad for my PMS. It was Dad's fault because it's the male of the human species that determines gender when sperm meets up with egg and all that biology. It was his fault that Mom conceived a girl and GIRLS GET PMS! I seem to recall that I rendered my Dad speechless with that line of bullshart.

PMS doesn't make one logical.

Dad let me snooze all through Canada. It was safer that way. I apologized for my snarkiness later. I'm told that Glacier National Park is a lovely thing to see, but I wouldn't know.

I just pulled my cat out of my kitchen garbage. It is not going to be a fun day.


  1. Sounds like your Dad is pretty dang smart.

  2. Aw, shall I send you some chocolate and Vitamin L?

    Yesterday I was discussing this very subject with S and his comment was "us poor men". I had a very, VERY rapid and clearly defined discussion on why it this was not so!

  3. You need an RV so you can retrace that trip with your own children. I don't think they will have the problem you did. Glacier NP really is beautiful and very different scenery from what you are used to in the high desert SW. Just do it before your oldest son gets to where he doesn't want to go on vacations with Mom & Dad.

    I can't help with the PMS but know it eventually goes away, to be replaced with menopause, something else that is "fun."

  4. Jill, the favorite sis2/21/2006 10:52 AM

    Oh Becky, your PMS ruined my teenage years!!!! Oh wait, that might have been my own pms. I guess I don't remember your mood on that trip, but we do have it all on video! I do remember a certain trip to Lake Powell on a lovely houseboat when you were not a joy to be around, hint hint!! You better be done being bitchy by the time I see you this weekend or I will have to hit you in your very sore boobies!

  5. You people are very violent!

  6. PMS still takes me by surprise sometimes. Amazing how crazy PMS can make a person...not me or anything. I'm sweet all the time.

  7. I don't have a huge problem with PMS, but your right, on occassion it could be very damaging, lol.

    Not a fun day for the cat anyway!! :):)

  8. beck thanks for visiting.....you've got it right...PMS is not logical...just accept it and move on.....of course til the next month....who knows what the monster will bring....too funny......!!!!

  9. Pass me the midol. I'll brew us some tea. How many ways can you skin a cat?


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